With their latest album charting across Europe; it is hard to believe that (G)I-DLE had humble beginnings all the way back to 2018 and beyond. The structure of CUBE’s latest girl group began back in the now-tainted show, Produce 101. Soyeon represented the label in the first season while the other members began their journey in other companies.

The group has had a lot of time to cement their own styles since their first activities and trip-ups in the industry. Soojin was set to become a member of Vividiva before she left their company and Soyeon just missed out in being a part of I.O.I – which cemented the careers of artists such as Kim Sejeong, Kim Chungha, Jeon Somi and more. However, it didn’t stop any of the girls from chasing their goal. Soyeon appeared on the third Unpretty Rapstar; donning the infamous “Pick Me” uniform and proving how strong she was as a performer. After releasing her own solo work, “Jelly” & “Idle Song”, she would unite Soojin and the other members; Minnie, Miyeon, Yuqi & Shuhua to form (G)I-DLE, debuting in 2018 with “LATATA”.

The group steadily grew in popularity with every comeback, releasing different styles in both music and fashion. “Hann” was mysterious and catchy due to the whistling melody while “Senorita” shows a colourful Tango, flaunting their own visual and attitude. Over time, the group was getting recognition from South Korea and beyond; performing on global stages like Spotify On Stage Jakarta and League of Legends World Championships – twice as a feature in K/DA and True Damage.

It would be no surprise to fans when (G)I-DLE was included in the roster for Queendom, alongside AOA, MAMAMOO, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl and 2NE1’s Park Bom. As the “youngest” group in the show, the girls certainly did no shy away from the challenge. They were actively involved in the production of their own discography and performance so there was a world of possibilities for the group to remix their own songs and cover fan favourites. From the first performance, the group became a hot topic for their shaman concept; including an Thai “enchantment” verse performed by Minnie during the remix of “LATATA”.

When it came to the next round, the challenge of performing a 2NE1 fan favourite – with Park Bom watching – didn’t faze the group, cementing their place as a hot topic in the show. With every episode, each idol that took part grew but nothing could prepare fans for the sleeper hit that was “Lion”. The song was originally a Queendom exclusive but after their final performance of the song; it prowled back into real-time charts and gained its own music video – making “Lion” the only original song to be fully promoted outside the show.

Although they were placed third overall, (G)I-DLE has continued riding the wave of their popularity and stepped up the cinematic experience with their new mini-album, “I Trust”. Stepping into the darkness, the group delve into a twisted yet beautiful concept involving barbed wires, blood, slight psychopathy and a confusion of ego – jumping from white backdrops to the dark colours of velvet, mud and rose petals. It is a far leap from “LATATA” but the girls embrace every concept and work it into their own image, showing their versatility and their potential as a dark female idol group – something that is becoming less rare thanks to their own Queendom performance and groups such as Dreamcatcher.

Regardless, the twisted return of (G)I-DLE is welcomed by fans who are disheartened after their tour now being postponed. With that in mind, their latest song “Oh My God” has also been released in both Korean and English for global fans; making this song their first international project as a full group. The full mini-album, “I Trust” is now available on all platforms and if you have not delved into the psychotic paradise that is “Oh My God”, check our the music video below.


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