It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that nobody quite expected Changmo to appear on a track fronted by Stormzy. Although now at the top of the food chain in Korea after breakout single “METEOR” and the corresponding LP Boyhood, there was no evidence – save for a partially completed world tour – that his music had properly bled over to the West.

With that being said, it is still easy to see why the rapper ended up being selected for the feature. Throughout his part in the re-worked “Own It,” the AMBITION MUSIK star zips along the shuffling percussive beats with his sing-rap style, perfectly blending his own sensibilities with the trap-leaning melodies. Through being allowed to conduct the verse in his native language, Changmo shows off his star quality, standing out in a star-studded cut.

And now, striking whilst the iron is hot, the 25-year-old has returned with “COUTIN MY GUAP.” Beginning with a trap-infused beat layered over a twinkling, simplistic piano melody, the artist raps solemnly and introspectively. Although still confident, and sticking to his trademark style of reminding listeners of the riches he has obtained, and that he is, like the title suggests, counting his guap, there’s a bit more vulnerability here.

Penned about not wanting to lose somebody, the low-key vocal processing helps adds a tangible sleekness to the dissonant offering, seeing the artist comforting himself in the chorus section by listing some of the materialistic aspects of his life. Self-produced, it does eventually add some sharp strings to the mix, further adding to the vivid, subtly melancholic vibe, before a final climax of sharp, staccato flourishes allows for a semi-return to the bold, assured Changmo.

Overall it’s a well-layered track, one which shines in its broad, complex-adjacent composition and slightly more exposed vocal delivery over the bells and whistles of songs like “REMEDY.” Firmly rooted in effectively utilising his classical music sensibilities through a consistent and vehement use of the piano, “COUNTIN MY GUAP” is a track well-merited, and certainly more poignant than its superficial title suggests.

Evidently still on the up and up, now is just as good a time as ever to get yourself into Changmo. With a wealth of output to sink your teeth into available at the touch of a button, why not give him a listen? And, if you are already privy to the 25-year-old, feel free to let us know your favourite track of his in the comments below.





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