Technically, a rookie would be someone who just debuted or promoting in the first year. However, there are some times when that “cycle” can begin again in different forms. Some may debut in other groups, become part of project units or in some case, be a fully fledged idol taking their first steps into a solo career; which is exactly what happened to one blue-hair beauty this past week.

Ryu Su Jeong released her first album, “Tiger Eyes” with the title track of the same name on the 20th May and has been on a steady trail of promotions over the past few days. Although this is her first official foray as a solo artist, fans may know her as the elegant vocalist of Lovelyz. Performing with the group since 2014, the group has been a stable unit in Woollim Entertainment, following from the success of their seniors, Infinite.

Each of the members has grown in their own strengths in vocals, visuals, dance and variety show skills but some fans may have originally seen them as the sweetheart group to fit alongside the powerful performances of Infinite. In their participation in Queendom, Lovelyz were given their chance to shine at last and show their diversity.

Their performances varied from stage musical, mystical spirits and a fierce rendition of Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense” and although they took fifth place, more eyes have turned to what the girls could really do. Unlike the Queendom alum such as (G)I-DLE and Oh My Girl, Woollim didn’t focus on a full group comeback but instead began working on individual promotions to possibly experiment different styles.

Some may say that Su Jeong is not the focus on vocals in Lovelyz as her fellow members; Kei, Jin, Jiae and Baby Soul have their own talents and hold their own on stage with solo singles both before debut and during their time in Lovelyz. However, Su Jeong’s vocal tones are diverse enough to complement the signature elegance that the group is known for. In “Tiger Eyes”, she takes this concept to a different level with silk prints and an alluring attitude perfect for stage and screen.

Some fans have commented the song to suit pop soloists such as Kylie Minogue and upon first listen, it is clear why. The song’s composition is reminiscent of electro-pop from the 2000s with a electronic bass line and a verse composition that is perfect for Su Jeong’s husky vocals. There is little use powerful notes which is a perfect move. In Lovelyz, it would be more likely that the role would go to Kei or Jin depending on the song. For Su Jeong, her low tones still keeps with the concept with the song by adding an alluring element to its melody. She does get her chance to shine with the album’s additional songs but for a debut post-Queendom, Woollim made the right choice in picking “Tiger Eyes” as the title and in possibly, starting a new era for Lovelyz.

If you want to follow Su Jeong on social media you can find her through her new Instagram profile and Lovelyz’ Twitter, Youtube & Instagram.

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