For this throwback Thursday it’s EXO’s Love Me Right! The track was recorded as the title for the repackage of their second album Exodus. Being released on June 3rd 2015, the nine member group served us some amazing aesthetics in the music video, accompanied by an 80’s inspired beat.

The track became EXO’s second number one in South Korea, winning first place 11 times on South Korean music shows.

The group debuted in 2012, with 12 members forming two sub units, EXO-M and EXO-K. The groups performed their songs in Korean and Mandarin, up until their third EP Overdose. Though it was their breakthrough hit Growl that really kick started their success. Arguably making EXO one of the most successful Korean boy groups.

Two versions of the track was released, The Korean version and also a Japanese version, Love Me Right (Romantic Universe), being released on November 4th 2015. This version was the groups debut in Japan, becoming the best selling debut Japanese song by a Korean artist at the time.

The Romantic Universe version, uploaded by Avex Trax, is set like a video game, completely different to the video for the Korean version, slightly more playful, with each member showing a goofy or cute side to them.

The video for the Korean version has the infamous American football outfits, much loved by their fans. The aesthetics of the music video are unlike any other of their MV’s. The song itself has that 80’s funk feel to it, pair that with the amazing vocals, harmonies, guitar and the ever so unforgettable, ‘Shorty imma party til the sundown’, it becomes a hit that becomes a staple in Korean music.





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