Here at UnitedKpop many of us have been finding ourselves with extra time during the lockdown. Even at the best of times we can find ourselves endlessly scrolling through things like Netflix, unable to make a decision on what to watch. We’ve definitely found it even harder to make choices on how to fill our time. 

Therefore, we used some of our time to put together an issue of UKP Magazine that gives you some great suggestions on new music to listen to, tv and film to watch and more.

In this issue you can find:

  • A look back at the SuperM concert
  • Cravity
  • Nafla
  • Apink
  • An interview with the producer Geek Boy
  • Musical reccomendations
  • Kdrama and film reviews and suggestions
  • An Instagram trend that might be the perfect excuse for a wardrobe spring clean!

We hope you enjoy reading the May 2020 issue of UKP Magazine as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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