A week has flown by since the collaboration track ‘Sour Candy‘ was released to the world, bridging the gap between mainstream and K-Pop with the joint piece of work made by critically acclaimed artist Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK.

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The song went on to reach #1 on the UK iTunes chart for a short period, which was captured by fans before it was soon replaced by Lady Gaga’s hit song ‘Rain On Me‘. It marked an impressive number of No.1’s, easily over 60, which broke their previous record set by miles.

BLACKPINK’s previous records included ‘DDU DU DDU DU‘ at #78, which was their first chart appearance. The girl group’s first major collaboration with Dua Lipa ‘Kiss and Make Up‘ soared up to #36 and spent 12 weeks on the chart. And last but not least, their main comeback song from last year ‘Kill This Love‘ which used to hold the title of being their highest peak at #33 and this stayed on the chart for 6 weeks in total.

Now, as the UK Official Charts refresh for a new week, it has been revealed that ‘Sour Candy‘ peaked at #17. On the Scottish Official Chart, it rose up to #20 for a second week running and finally was the highest peak on the Irish Official chart at #11. Congratulations to Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK for the success of ‘Sour Candy‘.

Source: UK Official Charts


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