June has provided many surprises in terms of music and the ‘Summer Rush’ has proved that the excitement is just getting started. Last week saw big releases from Stray Kids, IZ*ONE and Weki Meki to name a few. However, this week; some big artists are throwing their cards onto the table and there is much more to come. With songs from Hwasa, AB6IX and more coming up in the last days of June; the UKP team are looking back on the top tracks and some you may have missed from the past week.

We could not talk about the biggest releases this week without mentioning the biggest video premiere in Youtube history. 1.65 million fans tuned in for the first glimpse into BLACKPINK’s upcoming album and the pre-release single, “How You Like That” has already gained over 100 million views for the music video alone. It is safe to say that fans are definitely liking the return of the group, and there is more to come later in the year.

With their first release as part of Big Hit Labels; the Pledis “producer group”, Seventeen are back to bring colour to the summer. Complete with an addictive TikTok dance challenge, “Left & Right” has got idols, celebrities and fans alike swaying and jiving to the upbeat funk-pop sound that the group has been well known for with their earlier releases.

Following up from their appearance in “Road To Kingdom”, Golden Child are not holding back with their latest single; which is the last instrumental of their trilogy series that includes “Wannabe” & “Without You”. Despite their appearance being brief on the show, the group is going from strength to strength and teaming up with Woollim’s BLSSD – the brains behind Infinite’s “Tell Me” for a powerful song to lead their new album, “Take a Leap”.

It has been a while since fans have officially heard from Super Junior-M member, Zhoumi in terms of music but ELF received a treat of a duet between him and fellow member, Ryeowook in both Korean and Chinese. “Starry Night” marks Zhoumi’s second single in 2020 after teaming up with Kun & Xiaojun of WayV for “I’ll Be There”; a tribute single to the people on the front-line and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the full list of releases below:

21st June H (BECZ) “Bye Bye Bye” Bye Bye Bye
Kim Na Young “Not Anyone Else” Not Anyone Else
The Daisy “I Think I’m Still Not Okay” Brilliant Heritage Soundtrack
Heize “You’re Cold” It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Soundtrack
Song Sohee “Season of You” Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny Soundtrack
Woo Jay “Duumvirate” (feat. TOEFER) Duumvirate
Darin “The Elephant” Forest Pt. 1
San E “Gamophobia” (feat. Cosmic Girl) Look! What Happened to Love?!
YESEO “Broken Water” Broken Water
T.O.P Girls “The Sun Shines” The Sun Shines
22nd June Maddox “Sleep” Sleep
Seventeen “Left & Right” Heng:garæ
Zhoumi & Ryeowook (Super Junior) “Starry Night” Starry Night
Sobo “This Is My First Life” Sweet Munchies Soundtrack
Cha Ga Eul “If You Drink…” If You Drink…
Flohwa “Fruits” Growing Up
Lofi “m o v i e” (feat. Jade) m o v i e
VOISPER “The Day” The Day
23rd June Golden Child “ONE (Lucid Dream)” Take A Leap
RAVI “Rain Drop” (feat. April’s Naeun) Rain Drop
Han Kyungil “I’m Going to See You Now” Brilliant Heritage Soundtrack
Shinji “Sweep Sweep” Ga Doori’s Sushi Restaurant Soundtrack
Purple Rain “Waking Up” Op.1
Wyne “Sand” Sand
Yebit “Smile For Me” Smile For Me
STOPS “Driving Towards You” Driving Towards You
Dawon “Midnight Blue” Midnight Blue
SINCEB “Let’s Get The Party” Let’s Get The Party
Jowall “To Celebrate Nothing” To Celebrate Nothing
24th June A.C.E “Stand By You” Stand By You
Josee “Dive” Dive
DD! “Dancing Under The Moonlight” (feat. IIIBOI) Dancing Under The Moonlight
ZIHYERI “Moon” Cafe Virus Sweet Sound 20 年 June
Jaguar Patrick “Reflection” (feat. Hata) Reflection
O.WHEN “Can’t Hold You” From the Day I Loved to The Day I Said Goodbye
Uzuhan “Worth The Trouble?” (feat. Vincent Fable) The Uncanny
THAMA “Do It For Love” (feat. George) Do It For Love
DEMIAN “Karma” Karma
Wazzy “Wash Away” The Night
FROMM “Rescue Me” Rescue Me
Meli “Blue” Blue
25th June 20 Years of Age “7942” 7942
Jung Seung Hwan “Walking along the moon” Walking along the moon
Nada “My Body” My Body
SOOIN “Feelin’ In Heaven” Feelin’ in Heaven
th!nk “Letter” Letter
V-HAWK “Lag” Lag
Napkins “LMAO” LMAO
Asian Chairshot “Rocket” Rocket
The Ade “Weird” re:cord
Lazy Child “Plate Sticker” Plate Sticker
BUDY “Stray Cat” Stray Cat
Mingggo “Mingggo Song” Mingggo Song
Frankie Summer “I Like The Way You Are” I Like The Way You Are
Sýn Hjang “Hope” Hope
26th June BLACKPINK “How You Like That” How You Like That (Pre-Release Single)
Damons Year “Cherry” Cherry
Neul “3-Out” Piece of Love
Bok Dajin “See Saw” Dream House
The FunCity “It Will Be Fun” It Will Be Fun
Kim Daniel “foreverymoments” foreverymoments
KOVINE “Fraction Of You” (feat. Gyogyo) Fraction Of You
Various Artists “We Are All Here Together: To You” KCON:TACT 2020 Summer Collaboration
JiHye “Ebb” Ebb
27th June 9z “Lover” Lover
Jung Yewon “ILOVEUIHATEU” (feat. Yellopumpy & Babymoon” I LOVE U, I HATE U
KIRIN “Ore Ore” (feat. Hoody) Ore Ore
Bizzy “Everything is Everything” Everything is Everything

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