Lockdown is slowly easing down, the temperature is rising and the Summer Rush is raging on with more big returns and surprise singles making their way into UKP’s Playlist. If you have missed any of this week’s comebacks; we have picked out five artists out of the long list of this week’s releases that have been making waves on music shows and charts.

Chungha has released her next single; “Play”, the second pre-release for her up-coming album. Embracing the summer concept, she has once again shown her abilities as an Idol; stepping away from the Vouge dance-hall style of “Stay Tonight” for a fresh Latin vibe that will have fans dancing and playing on repeat.

After a slight delay between album release and music video; Red Velvet has unveiled their first sub-unit since their 2014 debut. Teaming up leader Irene & vocalist Seulgi, the duo embrace their inner nightmares for the dark R’n’B track, “Monster”.

That is not the only sub-unit returning from SM Entertainment this week. After almost a year, EXO-SC is preparing for their comeback through pre-release singles, “Telephone”. Fans have also been treated with a solo from both Chanyeol & Sehun to prepare for the title track’s release on the 13th July.

SF9 were caught up in rumours that they would join the Road To Kingdom cast but FNC Entertainment confirmed that they were not featured. Regardless, the boys’ talents is shining bright with their latest comeback; donning both sleek Mafia suits and floral shirts to fit with the summer season. For more on SF9’s return, check out our latest album review on 9loryUS.

This week also saw a special single released to celebrate Teen Top’s ten year anniversary. The boys have included a special song titled “Pancake” to symbolise a celebratory treat for fans but currently, the group are doing special promotions of “To You”, a hit single once performed with the full line-up back in 2012 but now remade with Changjo taking over L.Joe’s original rap verse.

Check out the full list of releases below:

6th July Chungha “PLAY” (feat. Changmo) PLAY
Red Velvet: Irene & Seulgi “Monster” Monster
SF9 “Summer Breeze” 9loryUS
MAY “Stewardess” Stewardess
F.Cuz “shine” shine
Jalhyejun “Miss You” Return
taessl “Rose Ballad” Rose Ballad
Hersh “Call Me Back” Call Me Back
EB “I Love Your Dog” I Love Your Dog
7th July E SENS & Zion T “Confirmed” Confirmed
Seongri “My Angel” My Angel
EXO-SC “Telephone” (feat. 10cm) Telephone
Yu Seung Woo “Walk” Walk
dana kim “Going Around” (feat. Sojuboi) 77
Tiana “Run Away” (feat. Chrli) Run Away
Mongaif “City Blue” Archive of Loving Senses
8th July TWICE “Fanfare” Fanfare
GreatGuys “Run” WE’RE NOT ALONE_Chapter2:You&Me
GreatGuys “In Summer” WE’RE NOT ALONE_Chapter2:You&Me
WH3N “into your arms” into your arms
YUKIKA “Yesterday” Yesterday
1of1 “Her” (fear. Meego & Ron) Primary Presents Paktory Mixtape Vol. 3
kimmy “Far Away” (feat. Unzz) LOV3
9th July Paul Kim “quarantine” quarentine
Solji (EXID) “Rains Again” Rains Again
SURAN “Relax Moment” Relax Moment
Huh Chanmi “I’m Fine Thanks” I’m Fine Thanks
oceanfromtheblue “Girls” (feat. BLOO) a-side (90’s kids never get old)
WE IN THE ZONE “Even If You Say” You Bought YSL Tint
Jo Sojeong “Waltz” (feat. Dooin Baek) Scene
Raffina And Cavi “Baby’s Breathe” Baby’s Breathe
10th July BIBI “I’m Good At Goodbyes” I’m Good At Goodbyes
Teen Top “To You 2020” To You 2020
Aalia “Love Kills Hate” Love Kills Hate
RISSO “Call It Love” (feat. BNJZ) Call It Love
11th July Freaky “Trunk” (feat. BRWN) Trunk
kenessi “Cloud” (feat. Sayyoung) Cloud
a home video “pilot” a home video 2
Vismajor Company “Trouble Summer” Trouble Summer
MINDA “NEXT TO YOU” out of ordinary
Chamane “15 Gold Chain” 15 Gold Chain

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