This week sees a slight change in the music scene, with groups currently in the midst of promotions or preparing for their comeback in the next month but as July is slowly drawing to a close, it is the girls who are taking the spotlight. Several female artists have released top tier music this week and it was difficult for even the UKP Team to choose a favourite so for this week’s Release Round Up, we are shining a light on the ladies who are taking on the charts with fresh, addicting and unique solo tracks.

Over a year after her solo debut, Somi is crashing onto the scene with “What You Waiting For”, her first comeback under The Black Label. The music video soon become a hot topic with fans, racking up two million views in just five hours after the song’s release. It may have been a long wait, but it was definitely worth as this comeback is already gaining attention with domestic fans and also globally as Somi is now confirmed to be part of Interscope Records.

After her appearance in MNET’s “Good Girl”, the hard-working DJ idol is getting what she deserves! Teaming up with Loopy and (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon; SNSD’s Hyoyeon is donning the HYO moniker once again for a “jungle pop” track that is guaranteed to be appearing on Summer playlists this week. If you have not checked out “Dessert”, sink your teeth into this song and you will not be disappointed.

Huh Chanmi has had a long and rocky road as an idol. Starting as a member of Co-Ed School & 5Dolls, she would also appear in several survival shows such as “Produce 101” & “MIXNINE”. Despite not succeeding, she has stayed strong and worked hard to realise her dream. Now, the lights are focused on her as she makes her long awaited solo debut with the album, “Highlight” this week.

After departing from YG Entertainment, Lee Hi has finally returned to the stage. Signing with Jay Park’s label, AOMG; “HOLO” is the first song released by the 23 year old songstress in over a year but she is beginning her new path and taking part in every aspect of production to make it her self-proclaimed “treasure”.

We did say this week was all about the ladies but the UKP Team had to make one exception. SM’s collaboration with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra continued this week, following up from their cover of “Red Flavour“. This time, they are paying homage to the late SHINee member, Jonghyun; performing one of his solo songs “End of A Day” which also features an introduction sampled from Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.”

SM Entertainment has also announced that the proceeds from this song will be donated to Shiny Foundation, which was established by the family of Jonghyun to help young people with mental health & developing their artistic talents

Check out the full list of releases below:

19th July Song Yuvin (B.O.Y) “Through love” Through love
Lee Woo (MADTOWN) “Sad Ending” I Didn’t Think Until Parting
D1CE “I’ll Stay With You” Once Again Soundtrack
KYT “The Sea” Sea
20th July Red Velvet: Irene & Seulgi “Naughty” Naughty
Seyoung (Cross Gene) “Ego” Ego
CHIC & IDLE “3! 4!” 3! 4!
KittiB “Make Me Better” Make Me Better
IMFACT “Hero” The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Soundtrack
Nody Cika “Oh Love” Oh Love
21st July LAY (EXO) 莲 (LIT – 2nd Half)
D.COY “Go Away” Go Away
Hyunsik (BTOB) “In Your Heart” In Your Heart
Car, the garden “31” 31
Aube “Flower of Laughter” Flower of Laughter
ColorTheBen “Ocean Drive” Blue
msftz “Tell Me About Your World” Tell Me About Your World
22nd July HYO (SNSD’s Hyoyeon) “Dessert” (feat. Loopy & Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) Dessert
SOMI “What You Waiting For” What You Waiting For
Miranni “Eleven” (feat. 372) Eleven
23rd July Huh Chanmi “Lights” Highlight
Kyuhyun “Dreaming” Dreaming
Bloo “When I smoke” Hey, Go Smile
EIAN “Help Me” Help Me
24th July THE MAN BLK EverGreen
Roda (M.O.N.T) “Lethargy” Aqua Tape
RAVI, Yeri (Red Velvet) & Jeon Woong (AB6IX) “Woman on the Beach” Woman on the Beach
SM X Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra “End of A Day” End of A Day
25th July SSAK3 (Lee Hyori, Rain & Yoo Jae Suk) “Summer Sea Again” Play That Summer

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