We have reached the first full week of August and unlike the quiet list of comebacks from the past seven days, this week has seen an onslaught of artists riding the summer wave; revealing comebacks, special projects and long awaited debuts.

After changes and large delays, the two groups formed in Treasure Box; TREASURE and MAGNUM have instead united to form a full group who will promote and debut together. Fans have had a small taste of their talents from their survival show and solo projects but finally, the team is united as one for their debut single; “BOY”.

Continuing his colour trilogy, Kang Daniel is back with his official title track, “Who U Are”. The last album, Cyan showed a bright, youthful image but now Magenta is embracing the strong and powerful concept both on stage and also through the B-Side tracks that feature Simon Dominic, Jamie and Dvwn.

SM Entertainment has unveiled a special cover album to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of BoA’s debut; gathering their own artists and indie names to perform some of the solo artist’s biggest tracks. We have already seen Baekhyun’s take on “Garden In The Air” but now it is the turn of Bolbbalgan4 who takes on the 2003 classic, “Atlantis Princess”.

The end of 2020 is looking to be a busy time for Taemin. With SuperM’s comeback already in the hype stage, the SHINee member is also preparing to release a three part album, Never Gonna Dance Again. There is no official release date for this solo comeback; especially when SuperM’s comeback is set for a full-length album in September but that is not stopping Taemin. Fans have already been treated to concept photos and the official release of the album’s Prologue; “2 KIDS”.

Check out the full list of releases below:

2nd August Hong Eunki Flower Flower
Koyote (KYT) AhHa (Oh my summer) Oh my summer
Monsta X Reckless Reckless
YONGZOO Puzzle It’s Okay Not to Be Okay Soundtrack
Bryn, Lee Youngji, Sandy World is One World is One
Cherry Coke ratherkillyou ratherkillyou
Dept 2 Years (feat. Sonny Zero) 2 Years
Kyungjehwan Airplane Paran Album Part. One
CHANGMO Swoosh Flow Remix Swoosh Flow Remix
Kang Daniel Who U Are MAGENTA
Kim Jeong Uk dream deam
Park Moonchi We’re Cool We’re Cool
Joo Hee (Nuvocity) Glances Sound of Your Heart Reboot Soundtrack
ASLOW Oh No (feat. JVEH, how !, Daymus, Dubi, pray4sam) Oh No
D.Action Feelin’ Xad Feelin’ Xad
Geum Dara Encore Encore
Henne Who Do You Love? Who Do You Love
Jeon Yoodong 75 Decibels Forest As An Observer
Lee Byoung Hyeon Very Happy Very Happy
Panini Brunch I Like It I Think I Like It
OUL Righteous Righteous
Subeen Im Colorful Colorful
Suan, Shin Jimin, sEODo Night Sea How
Woo Jinwoo Telepathy Telepathy
4th August Maka’Maka Burning Power Burning Power
Chancellor & Younha Walking in the Rain Walking in the Rain
DEAN X MISO Imagination Imagination
Rocket Punch Juicy BLUE PUNCH
Taemin (SHINee) 2 KIDS Never Gonna Dance Again: Prologue
Rosy My Time Kiss Goblin Soundtrack
Soy Kim & Kim Yeeun a flower lover Again Soundtrack
Standing Egg Not Clumsy Anymore To All The Guys Who Loved Me Soundtrack
A-LIVE Pure Pure
CLICO Take You There (feat. Lee Ji Min) Ready To High: Synopsis II
Cotton Stick Tunnel Cotton Field
Digital Dav Dreamland (feat. Xela) Dreamland
Joe Cho Wake U Up Wake U Up
Journey Project Panpo Port One
JIIL Paradise Paradise
Lydia Lee Grey to Green The House That I Live In
MIGEUM Dream Dream
Nathania Bad Intentions (feat. J.cob) Bad Intentions
UHA Pebble Pebble
wave to earth ride summer flows 0.02
Wumanizer Banana Mixtape (Wuah I)
WJM Beach Blues Beach Blues
5th August 1THE9 Count Good Bye 1THE9
Sandeul Summer Day Summer Night My Little Thought Ep. 01
Minseo Until The Day Into The Ring Soundtrack
Insooni & Park Sein Mother & Daughter String Soundtrack
Blending Note Stay With Me Stay With Me
DANGGISIO To Be Another Day Last Dream
El Roi Just Come Here Just Come Here
HERO Crush Inversely Proportional
HNNU Fly-By-Night January Vol.7
Minyoung Tonight! Tonight!
MIIIO Act Out What the PUNK!
roku I Like You I Like You
PLZY One Drop Can Make A Rainbow (feat. Yonko) One Drop Can Make A Rainbow
Recia Sharon Sharon
SURL Don’t Say No (feat. Jay Park) Don’t Say No
Zene The Zilla Gangwon FC FLOCC
3.3.3 Still Want You Still Want You
6th August Ahn Ye Eun Trumpet Creeper Trumpet Creeper
BIBI cigarette and condom Dingo X BIBI – she got it
Cherry Bullet Aloha Oe Aloha Oe
DEAN, Rad Museum, Mokyo Breath Breath
ENOi W.A.Y (Where Are You) W.A.Y (WhereAreYou)
Donggeon & Jaeyoon (TOO) Fly Away Almost Famous Soundtrack
DOKO Psycho Flower of Evil Soundtrack
Kim bora Star Breathe Joan’s Galaxy Soundtrack
Kim Bum Soo x Kirin Juliana Juliana (we.MAKE20 #9)
Nam Hyejin Wave Splash! Wave Splash!
n99d I Love My Mama I Love My Mama
Rhythm Power Anycall T3AMPLAY
Tammy Ocean of You Ocean of You
Xitsuh Shadow Shadow
yey Roots Roots
ZINGO Read My Mind (feat. AVOKID) Notice (Read My Mind)
7th August Takada Kenta (JBJ95) SUNFLOWER SUNFLOWER
BOL4 Atlantis Princess Our Beloved BoA #2 – SM STATION
Lyn Fuzzy Peach Fuzzy Peach
RAVI, Yeri (Red Velvet) & Wooseok (UP10TION) Sorrow Sorrow (COOL Remake)
TREASURE BOY The First Step: Chapter One
Lee Chansol (Bandage) Coldolence Graceful Friends Soundtrack
ALiEN We Are (feat. FLA4FREE) We Are
BILL2ON CoCoGirl Summer Drive
Class Mate One Thing We Need To Know One Thing We Need To Know
H!GHLY BASS She Got a New Job (feat. Bryn) That’s Enough
Hyun Yi Rang Dive Dive
Lee Chaebi Irony Irony
Soo Jeong Wanna Be Free Wanna Be Free (For Freedom)
SE YEON Sticker Sticker
TELEO Bling (feat. RIPLEY) Bling
youbeyou Colorful Colorful
8th August Kang Daniel Something Backstreet Rookie Soundtrack
Ha Jinwoo I Just Looked Fatal Promise Soundtrack
ClaD Cell Phone (feat. Rick Bridges) Act
D-Hack Denwa Ga Ring Ring D-Sekai
GAGAHOHO Moments of Us Moments
GRAM Heatwave 1g
GIST Simulation (feat. PLHN) Simulation
Own & Bustabomb Ragga Fyah Ragga Fyah
Seonozzi Look Out For Me (feat. Skrilla & FR:EDEN) Look Out For Me
Tommy Strate & Wiz World Get Money Safari
YISABEOM Tonight Come to Me Tonight
Yuri Do It Do (feat. Jiwon) Do It Do

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