EXO are legends in the world of Kpop, and the solo debut of the group’s main dancer came with sky high expectations. I am happy to say that Kai smashed though those expectations and blew all EXO-L’s minds with his eponymous first mini album.

The title track Mmmh is undoubtedly 2020’s hot topic. Kai is known for his legendary performances, and this song is truly a performance piece. The song suits the man perfectly, and Kai’s smooth vocals leave listeners begging for more.

The choreography pushes all kinds of boundaries, although we expect nothing less from Kpop’s sex icon. Check out his jaw-dropping performance here.

There are two words to describe Nothing On Me: bedroom music. The song is dark and sensual, and clearly inspired by Kai’s icon The Weeknd. Kai’s vocals in this song are surprisingly good, especially the high notes that he reaches. Not to mention, the lyrics are sizzling.

I want nothing on me but you.

Amnesia is another shocking track, with a great meaning. The song is mystical and addictive, and Kai’s strong and clear vocals shine through. It’s safe to say that all EXO-Ls are in a Kai-induced trance thanks to this song.


201119 Kai - The 1st Mini Album 'KAI (开)' Teaser Photos 2 : exo

The next track Reason is upbeat and hip-hop inspired. The fast pace of this song takes the album down an exciting path. It has an energetic choreography to match. This is classic Kai, and we’re loving it.

Ride or Die is a dream-like track composed by iconic K-RnB producer Cha Cha Malone. The song lives up to its star-studded producer. Kai’s high notes in the chorus are particularly surprising. This album certainly keeps us on our toes!

The final track on this album, Hello Stranger, is my favourite B-side on the album. It’s sensual and romantic, and Kai’s presence can be felt so clearly. The low-key trap-inspired background instrumental leaves enough room for the listener to become completed immersed in Kai’s voice.

In short, this album was amazing. Every song was a masterpiece. We welcome solo artist Kai and can’t wait to see what he has to offer in the future!



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