As February draws to a close, Spring is finally creeping in and while the month was short lived; there was still a long list of trending songs and debuts that have been making waves in South Korea and beyond. The last week of February was no different as it brought a return of a legendary group, under-the-radar hits and rookies taking to the stage.

Here are some of the UKP Team’s favourites of the last seven days and a brief look into next week’s big releases.

This Week’s Top Picks

.After two and a half years of waiting, SHINee is back with the seventh studio album, Don’t Call Me. Despite being occupied with solo work or military service, the boys are proving that they haven’t lost the versatility and talent that made them household names in Korea.

Sunmi is known for some alluring performances and her latest comeback could possibly be her sexiest track yet. An array of colourful outfits, sultry vocals and a risqué dance routine transforms the solo artist into a femme fatale for her new single, Tail.

With a concept blending Cyberpunk and a retro teen drama style; ONF is back with a comeback that is a joy for the eyes and ears. Even if you have never heard of the WM boy group before, Beautiful Beautiful is bound to put a smile on your face.

Next Week’s Ones to Watch

March is definitely starting with some Fireworks with the return of ATEEZ. Despite Mingi sitting out of physical promotions; the group’s charisma, style and hard-hitting club sound is guaranteed to dominate the stage and possibly steal some hearts after the success of Inception last year.

Check out the full list of this week’s releases below:

21st February Coco (ex-CocoSori) Lately (Feat. G2) Lately (Feat. G2)
Monday Kiz & Choi Hyun Joon (V.O.S) I won’t lie to say I love you I won’t lie to say I love you
Jinhyuk The Wind Blows Bike Expedition
Kim Donghyun (AB6IX) Some Fling at Convenience Store
JIN JU I Love You Homemade Love Story
Nadle All for You (ft. Cindy & Raon) No Matter What
Sondia Away Times
22nd February Huh! (SMTM9 Rose de Penny) uh-uh (feat. Kid Milli & Gaeko) uh-uh
J.DON (N.Flying Lee Seunghyub) Clicker ON THE TRACK
SHINee Don’t Call Me Don’t Call Me
SURAN Sunny Sunny
Eunkwang (BTOB) Leaving You Tomb Raider King (webtoon)
24th February Soohyun & Hoon (U-KISS) I Wish (Japanese Ver.) I Wish (Japanese Ver.)
ATO6 Runway Runway
IMLAY Too Good (feat. Chenle (NCT)) UTOPIA
Keumjo (ex-9MUSES) Moonlight Moonlight
ONF Beautiful Beautiful ONF:MY NAME
PIXY Wings Wings
WEi All or Nothing (Prod. Jang Dae Hyeon) IDENTITY : Challenge
Yoon Jong Shin Forbidden Game (with Takeuchi Miyu) Forbidden Game (with Takeuchi Miyu)
Sumi Jo Fight For Love (Aria for Myth) Sisyphus: The Myth
25th February Mellow Kitchen (JTBC SuperBand) Like a Star (feat. Isaac Hong) Like a Star (feat. Isaac Hong)
Yun Jeong (HI CUTIE) Yes or No Yes or No
BIG Naughty (SMTM8 Seo Donghyun) Joker (Feat. Jamie) / Brand New World (Feat. Rohann) (Prod. PEEJAY) Bucket List
Kim Kyu Jong (SS501) I wanna hear your voice I wanna hear your voice
Paul Kim Love Letter Love Letter
Lee Min-hyuk Tonight Hello, Me!
Roh Ji-hoon One Step Closer Miss Monte Cristo
26th February CL Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
Wonho Lose Love Synonym (#2) ‘Right for Us’
Cheetah Villain (Feat. Jamie) Villain (Feat. Jamie)
LEEBADA Love Drug Love Drug
Lex (BIGFLO) I Want to Love You You Make Me Dance
27th February Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa) Last to Know (orig. As One) [Vol. 86] You Hee Yul’s Sketchbook: 55th Voice ‘Jo Hyunah’
Oh Sae Bom (Produce X 101) Blossom Blossom

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