While the weather at the moment may have you seeking refuge under a blanket, with a hot drink and book in hand, Spring will come soon. With the more mild weather and possible rays of sunshine, it may seem like the perfect opportunity to go for a cheeky run! This playlist is the perfect set of songs to keep you upbeat and pacing down the street.

  1. HyunA – I’m Not Cool

HyunA came, saw and delivered an anthem. The fierce and famously charismatic performer sing-talks her way through the majority of the track before busting out the repetitive “I’m Not Cool” chorus. Her attitude not only makes her cool, but is sure to make you feel cool too.

2. Twice – I Can’t Stop Me

This is a fun synth-pop track which goes against the typical trend of attaching an EDM sound to it. It’s an underrated song on the girl group’s discography, but definitely one to help motivate you when the going gets tough!

3. Jay Black & Jay Pink – Moove, Groove, Smooth

The soloist has been in the music industry for almost a decade and his niche is in his phenomenal dance ability. Moove, Groove, Smooth is a track that can not only be on your running playlist but also suitable for a Saturday night boogie.

4. BTS – Run

With it’s slightly more laid-back verses and a powerful, rhythmic chorus, it is the perfect track to not only give it your all but also to relax a little. BTS were arguably the group of 2020, with tracks such as Dynamite and Life Goes On making major waves across the globe. With their global tour being postponed, for now the internet is the only way to access their entire song catalogue.

5. Moonbyul – Eclipse

The Mamamoo rapper departs from the group visually and sonically and makes her own mark on the music scene. It’s got a powerful and empowering sound!

6. Itzy – Wannabe

Having debuted in 2019, the group are one of the younger ones on this list. But, this doesn’t make them any less worthy of a place! This bass-heavy beast is all about showing off your individuality and may make you feel more confident in yourself.

7. NCT U – 90’s Love

This track feeds off of the nostalgia for 90s pop and hip hop. The fun dance break is driven by a sample-heavy beat which runs at the same pace as you might want to run at. Is it the biggest track in their discography? No, but it’s an energetic and boisterous 90s ode nonetheless.

8. BLACKSWAN – Tonight

This track really shines the spotlight on Fatou’s rapping capabilities. Every bar that she spits hits hard, and contributes to the song’s attitude. The electrifying instrumental will shoot down your spine and give you some energy to bounce off!

9. Epik High – Rosario (ft. CL & ZICO)

Epik High’s powerful new single has been described by frontman Tablo as “the soundtrack that plays when you get your sweet revenge on your biggest enemy”. The angry, tense nature of the track is what will keep you running at lightspeed.

10. Taemin – Think of You

In this sad (and at the moment, cold) world, a good playlist ends on a heartwarming note. A departure from the fast-pace tunes listed above, but therefore a wonderful chance to cool down, catch your breath and recover.


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