K-rock is becoming an increasingly more popular genre, with more and more bands breaking out each day. Differing from the kpop genre, it gives fans an alternative style of music to enjoy – ranging from a more indie inspired sound, to much heavier music such as BURSTERS.

Whilst there are many talented bands, the genre – like many – lacks female fronted groups. However Rolling Quartz are here to challenge that. The all-female group consists of five members; bassist Arem, lead guitarist Iree, drummer Yeongeun, main vocalist Jayoung and rhythm guitarist/maknae Hyunjung. Debuting just three months ago with the indie rock track ‘Blaze’, the girls were able to showcase their individual flair, alongside their talents as a group.

Though their debut caught the attention of a lot of krock fans, this is not the first time the band had been seen. Before their debut, Rolling Quartz worked hard on a multitude of covers, from Misery Business by Paramore to BTS’s dynamite. Each cover gave them the chance to demonstrate their flavour and skill, making each song their own, whilst still doing justice to the original songs. Their youtube boasts an impressive 109K subscribers, a number sure to rise over the coming months.

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Alongside many impressive covers, the group have two original songs to date – their debut ‘blaze’ and ‘random’. Whilst ‘blaze’ has more of an upbeat indie rock feel, with a punchy beat and plenty of rhythm guitar, ‘random’ is an intense ballad, completely the opposite of their debut. Rolling Quartz never fail to push boundaries and show off their endless talents and abilities.

With their unique style of music, comes and even more individual sense of style. Without fail, Rolling Quartz are always stylish and coordinated, yet their individuality shines through with their edgy fashion, tattoos and piercings – truly allowing them to express themselves.

In every way, Rolling Quartz are icons, up and coming in the krock genre and encouraging other female bands to follow their dream in a market that is calling out for them. Rolling Quartz are the ones to watch, and certainly a group to add your your playlist.


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