This week saw the anniversary of the first Lockdown in the UK and one of the things it has taught us is to find new ways to pass the time at home; from video games, television or even UKP’s own Self-Isolation Grab Bag.  It is safe to say that for some, these things have been a comfort to many as fans enjoy comebacks or viewers are touched by a drama’s story & soundtrack. As always, we have compiled them all into the Release Round Up so you don’t miss a single song as the hours roll forward into summer.

Here are some of the UKP Team’s favourites of the last seven days and a brief look into next week’s big releases.

This Week’s Top Picks

With her latest album stealing chart debuts in the UK, America and more; it is safe to say that IU’s comeback was the big hit of the week. LILAC is a labour of love from the solo artist with her credits in writing lyrics, multiple collaborations and a generous donation to charity to commemorate the album’s release.

CLC’s Sorn made her debut this week as the first member to release an official solo single outside of soundtracks and variety shows. Written in English, Run is a pop-infused feed good track about running free and finding a sense of happiness, making it perfect for the start of summer.

Next Week’s Ones to Watch

Although his contract is coming to a close, Kim Sung Kyu has one single which is set for release on March 29th. Hush will be the last solo release from the INFINITE leader as he departs from Woollim Entertainment and will also feature label-mate, Eunbi from IZ*ONE in the music video as his former love.

Check out the full list of this week’s releases below:

21st March ROYA (Produce 48 Park Seoyoung) BLUE PILL BLUE PILL
Jukjae, Kwon Jin Ah For you, my sunshine For you, my sunshine (Song by Lee Jin Ah)
Sondia Cloudy day Hello, Me!
SUKI Coincidence Recipe For Youth (webdrama)
KOYO I Miss You Somehow Family
LA POEM Lacrimosa Vincenzo
22nd March Kim Bumsoo Always On Your Side Always on Your Side
SPACECOWBOY Afterlife (Feat. OOHYO) Afterlife (Feat. OOHYO)
EB (Produce 101 Choi Eunbin) Homebody Homebody
GIRIBOY Spacetime / So What Spacetime & So What
U Sung Eun I’ll Listen I’ll Listen
YOUHA zzz zzz
CherryBerry Everyday I love you Phoenix 2020
Bongyu When I Close My Eyes River Where The Moon Rises
23rd March Ailee Believe PGI.S 2021 Main Theme Song
Han Dong Geun I cry I cry
Kik5o Voyager (Band Live Ver.) Voyager (Band Live Ver.)
Sorn (CLC) Run Run
24th March ATEEZ Still Here Into the A to Z
Dreamcatcher Eclipse Eclipse
MAX Working For The Weekend (Party Pupils Remix) (feat. eaJ (DAY6 Jae)) Working For The Weekend (Party Pupils Remix) (feat. eaJ (DAY6 Jae))
ONEUS No diggity (Japanese Ver.) No diggity
Kangta Freezing Freezing
Mew (ex-Norwegian Wood) Ghosting Ghosting
Nerd Connection (JTBC Sing Again) I’ll Just Walk I’ll Just Walk
Soyeon (ex-T-ara) Interview Interview
Changbin, Seungmin (Stray Kids) Piece SKZ-RECORD: Piece
Jannabi After a tumultuous night Love Spoiler (Drama Stage 2021)
DOKO True (vertitas) Sisyphus
Nayoung (ex-I.O.I) Not Just Friends Twenty Hacker
25th March BLOO Bloo Story Bloo Story
Various Artists Break Your Box (by Chanyeol of EXO) THE BOX (movie)
26th March Jackson Wang (GOT7) LMLY LMLY
Roda (M.O.N.T) Anxious Anxious
IZ*ONE, Wonstein, Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT), Park Moonchi 3!4! (orig. Roo’ra) Rewind: Blossom (Side B)
Soyou Don’t Smile At Me Hello, Me!
Lee Yejoon The morass Penthouse 2
Various Artists Scripting Your Destiny Full Soundtrack
27th March Yoon Do Hyun Gwanghwa-mun love song (orig. Lee Moon Sae) [Vol.90] You Hee yul’s Sketchbook : 58th Voice ‘Yoon Do Hyun’
SHINee Don’t Call Me (Remix Ver.) iScreaM, Vol.7

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