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The ultimate track pre-club opening and post lockdown. While house parties are still a while away, we’re not far from garden parties!

Super Junior are no newbies to the Kpop game, and are also no strangers to strange breakdowns, melodies, or lyrics. House Party is all of these things halfway through the second verse. It jumps from a groove-filled, brass-heavy bop to a trap track and then comes back to the original funk-pop concept. Is this new form of genre-slicing the new Kpop renaissance that their album title, The Renaissance, hints towards?

It’s an interesting concept, which would be interesting to hear being further developed on. However, this is something suggested reluctantly. Imagine regularly having to jump between different sounds on a singular track; it could be incredibly jarring. Despite this, it is very effective in grabbing the listener’s attention! The music video is equally divisive; splitting between a soft, pink palette and a scene that looks like it is in the middle of a revolt.

In a week full of new releases by leading names such as Blackpink’s Rose, Pentagon as well as Rain ft. Jackson Wang, it has somewhat snuck itself into the party of releases through the backdoor. But, it feels incredibly timely and relevant, with direct references to masks and social distancing. It’s a strange glimpse into things we are now experts in as well as the new “new normal” which is (hopefully) to come.

…skrrt skrrt

What did you think of the track? Are you excited for Super Junior’s long-awaited return?




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