Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has announced they have reported racist abuse towards Korean forward Son Heung Min. 

Writing on their social media, Spurs noted the ‘abhorrent’ racial abuse aimed at Son that has been reported to the social media platforms. The team will also be working with the Premier League to take action.


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This followed Manchester United’s 3-1 defeat of Spurs. The first half saw a United goal disallowed after Scott McTominay fouled Son. Son took a blow to the face, appearing to leave him in shock and taking three minutes to return to his feet. Shortly after, Son scored Tottenham’s only goal of the match.

As the goal from United was disallowed, Son’s Instagram was flooded with racial abuse, hateful comments and death threats.

Manchester United’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, fueled the fire calling Son’s reaction to the foul a ‘con’, and actions like this destroying the game. Spurs manager José Mourinho did not hesitate to reply to his United successor, asking for more respect both for himself and Son.

The below is the first tweet in a thread that displays just some of the hate aimed at Son, do note the trigger warnings and proceed with caution.

Son recorded a post-match interview for Spurs TV, apologising for the loss, the disappointment at the result clear in his expression and words. It is unknown whether he had seen any of the comments between the match and interview.

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Son is considered by many to be a Tottenham Hotspur hero, and one of the greatest players to have played for the team. Football has long been a hotbed for abuse and social media allows this to spill over from the ‘terraces’ into every second of a player’s life. Football hooliganism has grown into an even bigger monster, fans now have direct access to players in their hand. What was once a (still not appropriate) momentary comment yelled from the stands, is now a barrage of abuse directly to the player who stopped your team from scoring.

This has become a hot topic of late, with Swansea City leading a social media boycott, something Scottish side Rangers also joined.

Former footballer Thierry Henry (Arsenal) stepped back from social media because of racism, with a number of other players voicing they would consider the same, including teammates of Son.
Twitter and Facebook, the latter the owner of Instagram, are continuously criticised for allowing racist abuse to be posted on their platforms, and their slow (and often non-existent) review and removal of abuse.

UnitedKpop stands with Son Heung Min and all people who are subjected to racist abuse. This must end. We hope the Premier League aid Tottenham and Son in taking action against racists and trolls and help to create further change in football fan attitudes and actions.


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