On 24th May, German DJ Zedd liked a tweet that stated Stray Kids considered Zedd as their dream collaboration. Check out it out below.


This sparked an interesting interaction between the two artists as member Felix went on to share a screenshot of the tweet via Instagram stories. Check out the screenshot below.

A few hours later, Zedd reposted the story and even hinted at the possibility of a collaboration.

It did not take long for fans to notice that Zedd dropped a follow on the band’s Instagram account.

Many STAYS were excited to witness the interaction and promise of a possibile collaboration. Check out some fan  reactions below.




Whilst we wait, Stray Kids have been competing on Kingdom: Legendary War. This week’s perfomance was a cover of BLACKPINK’s iconic hit: Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du. Checkout the performance below.


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