This has been quite a busy week in terms of new releases – surprisingly not many from the big names in K-Pop either. However, I have a suspicion that companies are holding off, and waiting for Big Bang’s long anticipated comeback to blow over.

This week therefore really is the opportunity to find some new artists to add to your repertoire!

Jackson Wang – Blow

Alongside NCT Dream and Oh My Girl, Jackson Wang is arguably the only ‘big’ name on the list this week. Blow is the first single and insight into his upcoming album release ‘Magic Man’. The GOT7 member’s track stands out from the rest of the list on a linguistic level, as it is sung completely in English, following the lead from his last mixtape, ‘LOST & FOUND’. Musically, it’s a delight: full of 90s inspired rock chords layered with digital sound effects that usher the track into the twenty-first century.

The music video is no less memorable either: Wang dances with a group of (initially) unconscious party-goers who are breathing in what can only be described as smoke. It’s an indulgent, Gatsby-esque affair of excess and hedonism. It’s clear that Wang’s public profile is shifting and his persona developing. His target audience is slightly more adult; a far cry from the cutesy image his group had when they debuted.

MAJORS – Salute

This group debuted over a year ago, but have only just began showcasing their talent on the live music show Music Bank. The single ‘Salute’ comes from their latest album release ‘The End of Chaos’. The track is fun and punchy with a dark undertone – hopefully just what is needed to help propel their career and showcase ther group’s talent.

HEIZE – Mother

The song is focused on the bond between a mother and a daughter, making it an intimate and moving piece. Heize is no stranger to writing personal pieces and sounding like she’s singing directly into your soul. However, in “Mother”, this is intensified, as she sings about needing her female parent – a true moment of vulnerability, admiration and care. The song is coupled with a minimalistic music video, and firmly puts the R&B singer on our “to watch” list.

Check out the full list of this week’s releases below:

28th March NCT Dream Glitch Mode Glitch Mode
  MAJORS Salute The End of Chaos
Oh My Girl Real Love Real Love
29th March HEIZE Mother Mother
30th March Purple Kiss MemeM MemeM
  Seizetheday ft. Hollow Young We Are One We Are One
  Younha Event Horizon End Theory: Final Edition
  YOUNITE FT DJ Juice Everybody TBC
31st March Kingdom Ascension History of Kingdom: Pt. IV. Dann
Daybreak & Lucy The Answer Daybreak X LUCY Part.1
Jackson Wang Blow Magic Man
  Kei ft EXY The Light The Light
YUGYEOM ft. Coogie Take You Down Take You Down
1st April Sunwoojunga Burst it all Burst it all
2nd April NINE.i Parallel Universe Wasted Youth



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