With the weather finally cooling down, and the autumn months quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to give your playlist a refresh. Here are our essential KRNB, KHH and K-INDIE tracks with that fall vibe.


1. Homebody – PH1
The perfect soundtrack to your cosy, stay-in evenings. PH1’s charismatic voice, paired with mellow beats provides the perfect chill music for relaxing. The melody works to give off a dulcet, calm vibe, meaning it’s perfect for every autumnal evening. Curl up with a hot chocolate and enjoy your cozy season.
2. Photograph- offonoff
What is more perfect on an autumn day, than getting out, seeing the beautiful shades painting the trees and chilling out in mild weather? The only thing left to add is the perfect soundtrack- photograph is just that. A little bit more upbeat, it’s the ideal song for a relaxing walk in the chilly, fall weather. A sunny, bright yet chill song – the perfect, atmospheric ost for your days.
3. If – Sam Kim
For days when the weather is a little gloomier, the soft, soothing voice of Sam Kim will be enough to help you chill out at home. His smooth vocals, paired with mellow guitar makes this song the perfect autumun anthem. Light a candle, and play this track, for the perfect rainy, autumn aesthetic.
4.  Paradise – Fanxy Child 
Autumn months signal the beginning of the academic year, meaning a lot of hard work and study beginning for many, whilst work continues on for others. Paradise is a little more upbeat, with a complex combination of beats and differing vocals, it is the perfect song to help keep you focussed on your work, whilst maintaining the pretty fall aesthetic. Even more perfectly, the music video features autumnal colours, and cosy, arty aesthetics.
5. April Fools (0401) – Jamie
Jamie’s warm, rich voice is perfect any time of year, but the chill vibe of this song make it an autumn hit. The song, which features lyrics about a breakup and learning to let go and start a new, is perfect for a new academic year, encouraging us to start fresh and do what is best for us. the vibe of the song is perfect for any activity, from staying home to meeting friends. Best accompanied by a stylish outfit and autumn plans, this is the ideal song to top off the list and refresh any playlist for the new season.
Whilst there are far too many tracks to add onto this list, these give a wonderful starting point to creating your own autumn platlist and fresh vibe.

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