After her second single was released over three weeks ago on August 20, this R&B artist from 8D Entertainment is one of Korean music’s biggest hidden gems.

Born in May 1994, the RnB singer/songwriter debuted on February 7 at the age of 27 her debut song ‘Elastic Love’ gained over 1.1 million views (as of September 14). With a nostalgic and colourful music video with a 90’s retro love narrative, it would be later revealed through the reference version that the music video would be inspired by an anime whilst showing fans how it was filmed.

She has since been uploading vlogs, giving fans a personal insight into her life. Such as her daily routines, her favourite meals and days out. Before releasing the Japanese version of ‘Elastic Love’ in February.

She released her second single ‘Million’ last month, which much like how ‘Elastic Love’ is a retro feeling love song with beautiful bright colours featured alongside great aesthetic shots.

‘Million’ focuses not only on the beauty and aesthetics of the scene but also shows off the beauty of Choi HEART’s looks and style making her a main focal point of the music video.

Overall, Choi HEART is a beautiful singer with great looks and an amazing voice with a great vintage theme behind her. The sky’s the limit for this Korean RnB singer as she continues to capture the heart of Korea and the world and bring nostalgia and positivity.


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