Ever since the pictures of both RM and the Korean music collective Balming Tiger at the Incheon Pentaport rock festival were posted on Instagram, fans of both BTS and Balming Tiger have been wondering what the connection between the two parties was. Various members of BTS showed interest in the bands music in the past, with Balming Tiger reaching new levels of popularity this year by performing at various festivals worldwide and on a UK tour, it was only natural when these two announced their collaboration that it would be an instant success.

The music video is a cinematic masterpiece with film matching the indie style of Balming Tiger alongside pop culture references the video is tied together well with clever camera shots and editing with all members of the Balming Tiger collective featured in the music video. 

The music video was also created by Japanese director Pennacky who has experience with Balming Tiger directing standout song and music video Armadillo where they would win the Music Video of the Year at the 2020 Korean Hip-hop awards.

The song features a strong message, Balming Tiger stating in a press release: “We wanted to show ‘Asian sexy’ and ‘Asian cool’ through the music and visuals of the new single.” Both RM and the music collective using their music to tackle social issues and promote Asian culture and population.

Overall, this piece perfectly captures both Balming Tiger and RM. Whilst highlighting the talent of the Korean independent scene this song is perfect for those Balming Tiger fans and those looking at getting into the Korean hip-hop scene.


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