Since their debut in 2013, BTS have been stealing peoples hearts left, right and centre. Their talent, meaningful messages and their handsome faces transcend language barriers and have made Kpop a worldwide phenomenon. They charmed their fans in Korea, then enchanted their audiences in the West and they’ve even managed to attract attention from celebrities.

Back in April, British singer-songwriter Conor Maynard  hinted at wanting to work with BTS and in August he confirmed his participation on a song off their most recent album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’. Maynard is no stranger to writing for big stars as he has written for artists like Liam Payne. The song he produced along with a friend was “Answer: Love Myself”. After being asked about his involvement by fan he tweeted saying: “I haven’t heard their version [of the song]yet but I can’t wait!” He then also tweeted swiftly after the album was released on August 24th saying that “they sound amaaaaazing”. 

Ed Sheeran posted on his Instagram story on the day of the album’s release: “Ps, congrats to @bts.bighitofficial who are about to have an incredible week. Cool album x”. This is a huge compliment coming from one of the world’s most renowned singer-songwriters.

One Direction’s Liam Payne has been releasing solo music since 2017 and just so happened to release an EP the same day as BTS’s album. After getting tweets from Armys, he tweeted his support saying: “Super proud of @BTS_twt I told my label about them a while ago it’s a pleasure to release the same time great music boys well done”.

The buzz for BTS reached an all time high this month as they performed at their sold out concerts at the O2 and even performed on late night talk show “The Graham Norton Show”. Not only did BTS receive a shirt from actress Whoopi Goldberg and a request to join the group from Jamie Dornan, but they also continued receiving love from their fans and British Celebrities.

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Grime artist Skepta welcomed BTS to the UK by tweeting them a waving emoji along with a heart when they arrived in the UK. Fans responded by encouraging the rapper to listen to BTS’s music and some couldn’t even believe he tweeted BTS, saying: “[…]GOD IM HALLUCINATING”.

UK Armys were also stunned when legendary rapper Stormzy posted an Instagram story of himself at the BTS concert on October 9th. He posted a picture with the caption: “hands down one of the craziest shows I’ve been to in my life hats off”.

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who is a huge BTS fan, also attended the concert on the 9th. She posted multiple updates to her Instagram story where she can be heard screaming for her bias Jungkook! She also posted a picture of the whole group, captioning it “mood” and she uploaded a video of J-hope dancing. It’s not the first time that Williams has supported the group publicly online, she also showed off her dance moves by participating in the IDOL challenge.

Who do you think is going to be the next celebrity to declare their love for BTS? Do you think the celebrity world is hiding any more secret Armys?


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