This week’s review focuses on 2PM’s Busan boy Jang Wooyoung and his debut solo track “Sexy Lady”!

The concept for this single is not exactly pushing any boundaries, especially not when you compare it to acts such as BIGBANG and what they have been giving us recently. However, I think that is a good thing here.
Of course, Wooyoung has made a name for himself as a sixth of one of K-pop’s biggest boy groups – the beastly 2PM, but he was faced with the challenge of carving out a space on the scene for himself as a single unit.
Personally, I think that if he came out with some sort of extravagantly weird concept, he may have departed too far away from his original image and it could have resulted in him being accused of trying too hard to be something he is not in order to make an impact.

As it is, I think the concept for this single is a perfect fit for him; it is simple yet incredibly sleek and cool. I really like how the predominantly black colour scheme is vastly contrasted by the use of fluorescent lights which gives the whole video a very “clubby” feel and works to reflect of off (and, thus, showcase) Wooyoung’s bright blonde hair, dark eyes and flawless skin.

In terms of messages, I cannot discern anything very deep from this music video. Aside from the simple set up of a black background, Wooyoung is seen strolling through a club, being observed by fellow club-goers that are seemingly quite interested in him. Which is just as well, as Wooyoung then proceeds to fly up and land on a stage to perform in front of everyone present.

Despite the fact that Wooyoung sings of a “Sexy Lady” who he says is “driving me crazy”, I see no love interest in the video. There are many beautiful women featured, however none seem to be the particular target of Wooyoung’s affections. I initially found this strange, but now see it as favourable. This is Wooyoung’s solo debut and everything about the video shows him to be the centre of attention, for both the participants in the video and viewers watching. I feel that the featuring of a love interest in this MV would only work to draw your attention away from Wooyoung and this is obviously not wanted. (I’m not a jealous fangirl…honestly!)
UK Potential: 5/5

The choreography with this single is amazing. I’m sure I wasn’t the only 2PM fan that was expecting to be impressed by Wooyoung’s moves and I think he fulfilled those expectations well.
There are a lot of moves that fans will be able to copy as they dance along, but there are also a few more intricate moves that ensure it does not get boring.
There is a lot of bouncy footwork and sexy wiggly movements. What impresses me more than the moves themselves though is the skill with which they are executed. Wooyoung has long been known as one of the “Ssanti” dance kings and I think all that practicing has resulted in this ability to flow from move to move with a liquid quality.
I also think that Wooyoung has been taking some tips from fellow 2PM member Taecyeon, as there is a flash of abs offered to viewers. Even though I do find this quite cheesy, I like the fact that it is just a small teasing moment. I think it keeps things more classy than if he tore his shirt from his body and made us focus on his physique, yet the small glimpse is cheeky and shows many fans what they like to see. (Don’t deny it! Come on!)
UK Potential: 4/5

To be honest, the song itself is not offering anything very interesting for me. I was really excited to see what Wooyoung would give us, but generally find this song quite predictable in its composition and structure.
Wooyoung’s vocals are great and the (well pronounced) English hook line gets stuck in your head after the first listen, I think it would make a good song to use if Wooyoung were ever to try to break onto the Western market. However, in terms of K-pop, there have been many other songs that have very unique vibes to them that “Sexy Lady” just does not.

The electronic background is cool and futuristic; one can see that the concept was really intended to reflect this feeling. I could also bring in my previous argument that Wooyoung may not want to have been too adventurous in his first solo track, which is completely understandable.
UK Potential: 5/5

There is a particular move in the choreography whereupon Wooyoung and the dancers turn to the side and bounce rapidly and repeatedly on their feet. So, they are effectively just jiggling their bodies. It reminded me of those exercise machines that you stand on and they make your body vibrate.
I tend to be drawn to the most ridiculous looking moves in any piece of choreography, I like to be amazed by dances, but also like ones that can make you crack up laughing when you try them for yourself!

Overall: 14/15
I really do think that this would do quite well if it was used as a UK debut, so that is why I have scored it so high. However, as I have said, the song was a bit of a disappointment for me personally.

Overall, Wooyoung has offered us a great initial solo piece that has maintained his style whilst showing us all the talent he has to offer. I don’t know what sort of competition it will be against the big hitters like Super Junior (who are also currently promoting), but Wooyoung has undoubtedly put an awful lot of effort into this and it really shows.

On a side note, I absolutely adored the teasers for this single. I loved how Wooyoung “absorbed” his fellow 2PM members, showing us that he considers his group members as important in making him who he is individually. This is really heart-warming as many group members that have gone solo do not acknowledge their members in any way. I simply found it very endearing that Wooyoung did.

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