Welcome to day four of my Halloween-inspired horror film recommendations! Today I will recommend a film that I managed to enjoy, despite the supernatural themes running through it – Cinderella.

Cinderella follows the lives of a mother, Yoon Hee (Do Ji Won), and her daughter, Hyun Su (Shin Se Kyung), who are very close and have a good relationship with each other. Yoon Hee is a plastic surgeon, and a fair few of Hyun Su’s friends have been to her mother for surgery. The film starts out with one of Hyun Su’s friends being prepared for surgery, but as she is being put under she sees something sinister. This chilling vision follows her even after the surgery is completed and she has fully healed; she begins to hear a voice and even sees her own face changing when she looks in a mirror. She slowly begins to go mad, and as Hyun Su is coming to terms with the fact that something is really wrong, it is too late. Similar things start to happen to a few other of her friends who have also had surgery by Yoon Hee, and Hyun Su starts to suspect that her mother knows more then she is letting on. This leads Hyun Su on a journey of dark discoveries and horrifically life-changing findings.

What I loved about this film is that nothing is what it appears to be at first, and you make chilling discoveries along with Hyun Su. The plot line was also refreshing in a way, because I’ve never really seen any other horror film like this; the love a mother has for her child is a truly awing thing, but this film showcases the dangerous and obsessive lengths to which a mother’s love can reach.

I recommend this film if you like dark, gory horror films as Cinderella delivers both aspects superbly!

Ever seen this film? Planning on watching it? If so, let me know what you thought of it! See you guys tomorrow for another horror recommendation!


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