Outsider and Poppin’ Hyunjoon met up yesterday and posted a photo that peaked the curiosity of Korean hip-hop fans.

The Maestro of speed rapping himself, Outsider needs no introduction to the newer fans of K-Pop, while Poppin’ Hyunjoon made himself famous as one of the original legends among the first generation of Korean B-Boys, as well as having a solo and group career in music.

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Outsider and Poppin Hyunjoon

Outsider has been active in his post-military service comeback with the release of “Crying Bird” and the mini-album “Rebirth Outsider”.

Poppin’ Hyunjoon is currently actively involved with mnet’s variety show “Dancing 9 + Edition”.
Having traveled the world, teaching and passing on his skills, he announced earlier this month that he is also gathering a new crew, called “PAC”.

Fingers crossed for a collaboration between the pair soon!


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