To kick start this new feature, we’ll be looking at this edgy outfit from Miss A’s Jia!

The picture is in black and white which serves to accentuate the glitzy monochrome theme. The PVC jacket adds a touch of glamour to what would be an otherwise punk-esque cover-up and it’s perfect for the stage. Keeping in sync with the edgy theme are the spiked studs on Jia’s hat that give a cute accessory a rebellious look. The stud-fashion that took 2013 by storm saw anything and everything adorned with studs of all shapes and sizes – from shoes to shoulder pads to shorts and Jia reinvents the trend with her hat. The hot pants with the slight sheen show that Jia isn’t afraid to play with textures, and mix more than one together. Along with texture, the geometric pattern on the bodysuit (or what looks like one) adds a note of interest that catches the eye and the cutout in the middle creates another dimension to the outfit.

Jia hits her look spot on right down to the very last details; her nails and lipstick show off dark glossy hues and the variety of chunky necklaces paired with simple silver rings is a simple and easy way to liven up the outfit. The loose waves in her hair soften the edginess of the outfit and are an fun contrast to it. It would be interesting to see what shoes Jia paired this outfit with and what material they were.

It’s possible for everyone to pull off this look, toning it down or spicing it up for the occasion in question, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to wear this outside at the moment in the recent cold weather! The fact that it is made of such simple elements when we take it in its simplest form means that it gives the wearer a lot of variety to play around with it.. Let us know what you like and/or jiadislike about Jia’s look!


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