With schools and universities back in action, the work for the students among us is piling up already. So whether it’s to help you finish that homework due tomorrow, or studying for an upcoming exam; here’s our chilled out K-pop playlist to help you study – just try not to sing! 

1. Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending

[youtube id=”tXV7dfvSefo”]

> Piano Version


2. Zion.T – Two Melodies (ft Crush)

[youtube id=”Jkozsve2oKU”]

> Instrumental


3. Geeks – Officially Missing You (ft Soyu)

[youtube id=”3J-0MJIlLeA”]

> Instrumental


4. K.Will – Please Don’t

[youtube id=”PdUiCJnRptk”]

> Instrumental


5. BEAST – Fiction (Orchestra Version)

[youtube id=”EbBYJtkDrZk”]

> Instrumental


6. Hyorin – Lonely

[youtube id=”rz8zZs09Rfk”]

> Instrumental


7. BIGBANG – Haru Haru

[youtube id=”MzCbEdtNbJ0″]

> Instrumental


8. Seo In Guk – Tease Me

[youtube id=”xd9humleFWA”]

> Instrumental


9. Miryo – I Love You, I Love You (ft Sunny)

[youtube id=”ShQaf4dplhY”]

> Instrumental


10. 2AM – I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

[youtube id=”OhuVWznRDDs”]

> Instrumental


Any songs you listen to when studying that aren’t on the list? Share them in the comments for others to add to their playlists.

Until next week!


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