It’s nearing the end of January now and, of course, it is the time of year where we can all feel a bit low. Still trying to get your bank account to look healthy again and coping with the particularly awful and rainy weather the UK has been subjected to recently? No one can blame you for feeling a little fed up. Music can be a source of great support and energy at times like this, so take a look at our playlist full of happy and upbeat songs that will hopefully help to put a smile on your face!

1 – DBSK/TVXQ : ‘Balloons’
Sometimes it’s nice to indulge in a little bit of nostalgia, and for those of us that were fans of DBSK as a 5 and had to endure their rather messy split, this is definitely a big slice of nostalgia. It might even be quite a hard watch for many Cassiopeia who have known the group since the start, but it’s also nice to see the guys all together and having some fun. This song has a very childish feel to it, but the members’ silly behaviour and weird costumes will probably make you smile at least a little bit, even if it is in part to cope with the immense cheesiness of it all. You also can’t deny the catchy nature of the song itself, try not to get it stuck in your head!


2 – B.A.P : ‘Stop It’
B.A.P are arguably a very versatile idol group in that they can cover many different musical genres and concepts with great competency and sincerity. This is a song that starkly contrasts their debut image in ‘Warrior’ of big, tough men. We see a very comical and brightly coloured video in which leader Yong Guk rises from the dead in the form of a mischievous devil, following a pretty lady around making sure all her potentially romantic pursuits go awry. This is a tune that will definitely get you bouncing along!

3 – Crayon Pop : ‘Bar Bar Bar’
You knew these girls would make an appearance in this playlist, right? Apologies for being so predictable. This is a group that might be a little like Marmite in that you will probably either love them or hate them. However, it is a K-Pop fan’s duty to at least try out this choreography. Okay, so I just made that up, but it is definitely worth a try – even get your family and friends to join in! Readyyy GO!


4 – Daesung : ‘Wings’
BIGBANG‘s Daesung is known for his ability to belt out beautiful ballads. A lot of the songs he sings are very inspirational and uplifting. His happy and bubbly image means that just looking at his smiling face can help to cheer you up, but seeing as this is a playlist – lets put a song here instead of Daesung’s face! 😛
‘Wings’ is all about coping after a break up. It shows the persona acknowledging the pain and loneliness they feel, but also their positivity for the future. It can teach us that, whilst it’s okay to feel hurt and let yourself cry, you must also gather the strength to carry on and look ahead.

5 – Henry (feat. (fx)’s Amber) : ‘1, 4, 3’
The majority of mainstream pop songs are about love in some form or another, it can get a bit boring sometimes. But Henry takes the subject into a refreshingly youthful field. You can really feel the elation and overwhelming feeling of excitement that new love brings. The choreography is also rather fun and mirrors the energetic vibe.

6 – SISTAR : Loving U
This song was released just before the beginning of summer about a year and a half ago now and it brings forward a lovely summer heat. The members’ frolic on the beach and sing about being happy and feeling giddy with love. It will undoubtedly help you feel a little fresher…or maybe just a little bit jealous for the weather they are experiencing. Nonetheless, it is a very happy and catchy song that you will probably be singing along to as soon as you hear it.

7 – Lee Hyori (feat.낯선 : ‘U Go Girl’
Even Hyori has bad days, as this MV shows, but this is a song all about taking the power back and going out with a fierce attitude. As with many of Hyori’s songs, there is quite a feminist undertone to this track and concept. But that doesn’t mean the males can’t enjoy it too, it’s one of those songs you can’t help but dance to no matter who you are. It’s a classic piece of K-Pop in that it’s energetic and slightly crazy.


8 – BEAST : ‘Beautiful Night’
Here is a song about being with the one you love and not wanting the night to ever end. The members’ typically strong vocals belt out this happy song. You get the impression that they are so elated that they want to shout out from the rooftops for everyone to hear. BEAST’s bright and colourful concept and clothing (and hair!) really makes the MV pop.


9 – Epik High (feat. 2NE1’s Park Bom) : UP
“If someone twists your legs, then spread your wings and get up!” – this is the song’s message summed up in a single line from the lyrics. No matter how bad you feel, even if you are the lowest of the low right now, you have to believe things will get better. Keep pushing on and being positive, then your future will be bright. This song is great to listen to when you are in need of a pep talk and an injection of confidence.

10 -Secret : Shy Boy
I know that aegyo isn’t to everyone’s tastes and that this is possibly one of the most cutesy-cute K-Pop songs in existence, but go on, give it a listen and try not to sing along! Even if you don’t like it, do the dance. Get up and try it! Dance like no one is looking and kick your legs out. It will surely improve your mood! As will many of Secret’s concepts, it is incredibly feminine and celebrates all that is girly. This song is genuinely a bit of fun and a little slice of happiness.

After all this, we hope you are feeling bright and happy and that you have at least had a little dance along!

What do you think of this playlist?
Are there any K-Pop songs you would add?
What playlist themes would you like to see in the future?
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