Lee Chaerin. Leader of one of K-pop’s most influential and internationally recognised groups, 2NE1. At just 23 years old, she’s already accomplished an incredible amount in her musical career. CL is well-known for her phenomenal stage presence and fearless fashion sense.

The foundation of this recognition is the star’s ability to pull off a range of styles; her versatility is admirable. The image above shows a recent Instagram post from CL, and the interesting thing about the look is the way that it marries high-class and casual together. Most of us wouldn’t call a full-length animal print cape ‘casual’, but the slouchy shape denotes this feeling. Perhaps we could call it an very expensive sort of nightgown!

From her early days as a singer, CL has promoted an outlandish hip-hop style with items from Adidas Originals and, in particular, Jeremy Scott. Above, graphic monotone pieces combined with fierce, dark makeup and a killer pose, CL creates a striking image of strength and power. Her sleek hair and silhouette (formed by the dress) add to this and also add a grown up feel to this eccentric look.

Here, CL maintains her hip-hop themed style with this varsity, sequined dress. Her black and gold combo brings a glamour to the sports table and her fur jacket adds a touch of elegance. Those gold hoops are a big statement but they really set off the dress!

Eyeliner! Looking fierce in a PVC Jeremy Scott tracksuit (…yep. PVC.), the combination sounds strange but CL rocks this sporty style. She shoes off her flat stomach, plus a hot red lip and double brimmed cap. Only somebody with this idol’s faultless confidence could work this look, perfect for the stage or the glossy pages of a magazine (this shoot was actually for Dazed&Confused UK). The looks is certainly eye-catching but it doesn’t look very appropriate for the gym!

‘The Baddest Female’ is shown here adopting a more girly style; her baby pink A-line skirt matched with a coy expression and soft hairstyle creates a more stereo-typically feminine look than we’ve seen in the other styles. The look is perfect for spring or summer and even though it may look ‘safe’ for CL, she pairs it with a chunky gold necklace, retaining a small piece of her outrageous style.

What is your favourite of the above styles? Or has CL worn something else that you thought looked really good? Let us know in the comments below!

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