The weather in the UK is far from pretty at the moment… But the good news is that with each day we come closer to spring, during which we can probably lose the 5 extra layers that the current weather demands of us! UKISS have nailed this bright, preppy look so we’re going to take a look about how it is constructed.

One of the main ideas with this style is the colour scheme. The great thing is that there are no limits; you can choose any colours you like. While some of these outfits opt for a similar colour scheme, here UKISS also prove that they can pull off many colours at once. Even if there’s just an extra pop of colour on the socks or linings of clothes, this can really make an outfit fun and fresh.

The group show how versatile this fashion is dressed up, smart styles with preppy bowties and braces, but also how it can become casual with loose sweaters and rolled up trousers.The straight leg trousers offer the chance to show off those crazy socks, that are very similar to the UK brand, Pringle. The addition of another pattern – those bold stripes – helps to create the preppy style, entirely ready for the golf course!

The best thing about this style is that you can really play around with all the elements and create a look that is unique to you. The addition of hats, glasses, socks or braces means you can create a new outfit every time. You could include tartan, strips, plaid or other interesting  patterns but make sure to keep at least one item plain and pattern free! Girls could stick to trousers or switch them for skirts, and both genders could opt for shorts. Brogues and boat shoes can work well but flats would also be a good option for spring. Bowler hats and flat caps can also be really cute!

Do you like this fashion on UKISS? Would you try it for yourself? How would you change it? Let us know in the comments below.


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