For this weeks ‘Thursday 13’ we look at 13 male idols who are 6ft and above! Continue reading to see who made the list.

1) TVXQ’s Changmin – One of the tallest, Changmin measures at 189cm/6’2.4″

2) EXO’s Kris – Tallest in the group, Kris measures at 187cm/6’1.6″

3) CNBlue’s Jungshin – Also tallest in the group, Jungshin measures at 186cm/6’1.2″

4) Super Junior’s Siwon – 183cm/6.0″

5) EXO’s Chanyeol – 184cm/6’0.4″

6) BAP’s Zelo – Currently measuring at 184cm/6’0.4″, we are sure BAP’s maknae is still yet to grow taller!

7) 2AM’s Seulong – 186cm/6’1.2″

8) 2PM’s Chansung – 184cm/6’0.4″

9) LED Apple’s Hanbyul – 184cm/6’0.4″

10) VIXX’s Leo – 185cm/6’0.8″

11) Tasty Twins – Both the twins are about the same height with Daeryong measuring at 184cm/6’0.4″ and Soryeong at 185cm/6’0.8″

12) A-JAX Sungmin – 188cm/6′.2″

13) AA’s Woosang – 183cm/6’0″

Can you list anymore idols who you think are 6ft and above?


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