We’ve learnt a fair bit of Korean since the beginning of the year, but all this studying can be very tiring! How can we say that we need some sleep?

The Korean verb ‘자다‘ (ja-da) means ‘to sleep’. In the basic present tense, this is conjugated as ‘자요‘ (ja-yo), meaning I sleep/you sleep/(s)he sleeps/we sleep/they sleep. To say that you want to sleep, you say, “자고 싶어요,” (ja-go shi-peo-yo) In simple sentences you might want to use the next two tenses as well…

Past tense – 잤어요 (ja-sseo-yo) / I slept.

Future tense – 잘 거예요 (jal geo-ye-yo) / I will sleep.


This verb is not an irregular and is really very easy to use, so we’re going to look at it in some sample sentences.

바빠서 지금 자도 안돼요. (ba-bba-seo ji-geum ja-do an-dwae-yo) // I’m busy so I can’t sleep at the moment.

자려고 했는데 전화 받았어요. (ja-ryeo-go hae-neun-de jeon-hwa ba-da-sseo-yo) // I was going to go to sleep but I received a phone call.

집에 오다가 잤어요. (jib-e o-da-ga ja-sseo-yo) // I came home and then slept.

자기 전에 ‘UnitedKpop’랑 한국어 공부하야 돼요! // Before I sleep I have to study Korean with UnitedKpop!



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