Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story OTW! This time we have both SHINee and F(x) present. Then throw in a combination of white suits, cushions and seemingly questionable magic floating in the air and you’re done!

What’s going on you ask? Don’t worry, it’s a lot less stranger than you think. 

It seems as if all five members of SHINee have been wonderfully transformed into charming white suited gentlemen with F(x) members Krystal and Sulli playing the part as the flawless princesses in Etude‘s latest television advertisement for women’s powder!

The full 1 minute 40 second advert displays the members of SHINee with Key at the beginning introducing the members of F(x) as ‘Princesses’ before unveiling what appears to be a musical stage with the said production entitled ‘MAGIC in the CUSHION’. Sulli is shown in the middle and begins singing the theme tune along with her fellow band member Krystal tapping their cheeks, pertaining to the apparent product being advertised. The scene then suddenly switches with the members of SHINee  posed amusingly in white and pink formal wear dancing humorously in a dream-like setting holding what looks like enlarged powder pads, which we can here assume is what is described here as the ‘magic in the cushion’.

Find this all hard to believe? See the advert for yourself here!



SHINee and F(x) have been in numerous advertisements together previously, so it isn’t surprising they have appeared in yet another, this one being one of the many amusing and memorable adverts made!

What do you think of the advert?

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