For this weeks ‘Thursday 13’ we check out 13 maknaes! ‘Maknae’ is the term given to the youngest member of a group. Keep reading to find out who made the list!

1) SHINee’s Taemin – Born in 1993, Taemin is SHINee’s youngest member at the age of 20. Debuted at the very young age of 14, Taemin has been SHINee’s maknae for almost 6 years!

2) EXO’s Sehun – Amongst the 12 members, Sehun is the youngest at the age of 19, although his birthday is approaching in the next few days (12th April) where he’ll be turning 20! Although Sehun is the youngest, Kai is also a 94’liner, only around 4 months older.

3) B.A.P’s Zelo – B.A.P’s maknae Zelo is only 17, making him also one of the youngest within the music industry. Although he is the youngest, he is one of the tallest members!

4) SNSD’s Seohyun – At the age of 22, Seohyun is the youngest in SNSD. Seohyun has been SNSD’s maknae for almost 7 years now, making her 16 when they debuted.

5) f(x)’s Krystal – Krystal is not only the youngest in f(x) at the age of 19, but also the youngest amongst her SM Entertainment labelmates.

6) Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – Although member Ryeowook was initially the maknae of Super Junior, 6 months after debuted when Kyuhyun joined, he took the title of maknae. Kyuhyun is the youngest at the age of 26. However, if we were to include Super Junior M members, Henry would be the youngest at the age of 24.

7) 4minute’s Sohyun – As a 94’liner, maknae Sohyun is currently at the age of 19, and will turn 20 this August.

8) BIG BANG’s Seungri – Born in 1990, Seungri is the maknae of BIG BANG, currently at the age of 23 and soon to be 24 this December. Seungri was only 15 when he debuted, meaning he has been BIG BANG’s maknae for almost 8 years now!

9) SISTAR’s Dasom – Born in 1993, SISTAR’s maknae Dasom is still only 20 years old.

10) BTS’s Jungkook – Rookie group BTS’s maknae is a 97’liner making him only 16 years old! Making him one of the youngest in the music industry.

11) INFINITE’s Sungjong – Sungjong is a 93’liner which makes him 20, meaning he was only 16 years old when he debuted.

12) B2ST’s Dongwoon – Currently 22 years old, Dongwoon is B2ST’s maknae.

13) 2NE1’s Minzy – As a 94’liner, 2NE1’s maknae is Minzy.


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