Welcome to this week’s Fun Story OTW! This week it becomes apparent that the count for SM Entertainment artists on Instagram is growing like never before!

Recently it would seem that the members of EXO have taken a curious liking to the popular site and who else to kick-start the sudden EXO SNS spark? EXO-M‘s very own leader Kris of course! 

It would appear that recently the popular group has sparked an interest to the popular social network app, much to the thrill of fans worldwide. As far as it it known, it all began with Kris announcing news of his new Instagram account (@galaxy_fanfan) on a post on his Weibo account. To date he now holds a grand total of almost 1 million followers on the account since its grand opening on the 7th April!

It was then that Chanyeol of EXO-K (@real__pcy) seemed to grow an interest after Kris‘ booming popularity and also created an account, gathering currently around 408,000 despite not having posted anything so far, of course showcasing the intense popularity of the group. Soon after EXO-M’s Xiumin (@xiurista90) followed suit rounding up a total of now 380,000 followers already, also without a single post to show as of yet!

However there had been previous speculation that Luhan of EXO-M (@luexolu) had indeed joined the SNS outlet back on the 5th March, nevertheless this was classed to be a rumour until confirmation of other celebrities such as Amber of F(x) also following the member back. The member now resides with a grand sum of 730,000 followers to this day.

Subsequently it was also speculated a known private account of EXO-K member Sehun (@________sehun) although since this is an evidently personal account, the member is seen to have only 5 followers accepted to his account of which we can only assume as his fellow EXO members and friends.

It would really seem as if the K-pop industry are taking over Instagram! With popular users of Instagram are also F(x)’s Amber (@ajol_llama)Donghae of Super Junior (@leedonghae), G-Dragon of Big Bang (@xxxibgdrgn),  Dara of 2ne1 (@daraxxi), JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (@bornfreeonekiss2), Taeyeon of Girls Generation (@taeyeon_ss), Key of SHINee (@bumkeyk), Infinite‘s Woohyun (@nwh91), Ailee (@aileeonline) and many more!


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