As many fans may remember the incredible popularity the hit K-Drama Reply 1997 brought to audiences in Korea and internationally. The drama being such a success continued to prove it’s popularity with its following second season: Reply 1994.

However it has come to light that recently American broadcasting company FOX, of whom broadcast the evermore popular hit TV Series GLEE, have announced the upcoming production of ‘Answer Me 1999‘.

Originally, the loveable television drama surrounds itself with the journey of its nostalgic protagonists and their sentimentality of their times growing up together, reminiscing childhood days, friends and the many things the characters adored when teenagers of that era. The American version, in order to remain faithful to the high standard of the original in return, will be staying true to its style all the same. Similarly, it will also involve transitions from past to the present from memories of the characters in the 90s to their now grown up lives in 2010.

FOX has so far dubbed the drama “A musical journey through the most transformated decade of the modern era — one that catapulted us into the digital age and forever changed how we interact with each other.”

Some may remember earlier American production of the famous K-Drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Although the production unfortunately was unable to precede the success of the Korean version, hopefully the Answer Me 1999 will in turn be a success with many more fans. Perhaps even possibly tuning in to watch the original Korean version as a result!


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