For Teaser Tuesday this week we take a look at groups promoting their upcoming releases, AOA, HISTORY, and JYJ.  

AOA – Short Hair

AOA have released two videos for their Short Hair (or Bob Cut) single, due to release on the 19th, a comic version and a highlights version.

The comic version sees the girls showing what they want from their haircuts, such as: small amounts taking off; shorter fringes; luxurious long curls. Of course that is too good to be true, the AOA members are shocked as their rather flamboyant hairdresser gives them all short, bob cuts – just as the song title implies they would get.

The highlight teaser presents a barber shop, a diner, an office, an airline, a gas station and a locker room – all in retro style pastel tones that fit the retro layers in the sounds from Brave Brothers.

HISTORY – Desire

HISTORY are set to release their third mini album Desire on the 23rd, and have released teaser images for all of the members over the past two days.

Photo: History fb

The images have cold tones, all set with blue hues, possibly to match Desire’s title track Psycho, Psycho will be the story of a man that goes insane because of the love he has for a woman.
Many have commented on this concept presenting some of the members bearing resemblance to other idols such as Jimin of BTS, Kai of EXO, and even Taeyang of BIGBANG.

The mini album is also set to have a track with lyrics by member Jang Yi Jeong, I Got U, and is to be produced by Cho Young Chul, the same producer behind their debut Dreamer, and mini albums Just Now and Blue Spring.


JYJ Comeback

JYJ are set to return next month with a full length album before their alleged enlistment draws near. They’ve released a very vague teaser for their return.

Fans have commented that the images of the members are old, in fact coming from the clips used at their Tokyo Dome concert earlier this year. Interestingly their Tokyo Dome shows were called The Return of the JYJ, and here we see the album is implied to be called The Return of the King, anyone having followed JYJ from their origins will know the significance of this reference.
JYJ’s original group TVXQ are referred to as the Kings, SM still use King in regards to the remaining to. The intro to their track Keep Your Head Down has them state

You know what time it is?
This is return of the king!

TVXQ acknowledged their origins in Something this year, maybe JYJ plan to do the same.

Who has a comeback due that you are excited for?



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