Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story OTW! En garde! This week we have the rather famous classic film Zorro coming live to musical productions in Korea!

As many may have seen the fantastic Zorro but has anyone ever seen Zorro with the protagonist being instead of the legendary Antonio Banderas but starring Key of SHINee who is not unfamilar with the musical stage as is BEAST’s Yoseob. Solo singer Wheesung and musical actor Kim Woo Hyung also will all be alternatively playing the leading male role of Don Diego.

SHINee Key Selected as Protagonist for “Zorro: The Musical”


Meanwhile for the female lead role Choa of AOA will be playing the role of Luisa who is here Zorro’s love interest as M Musical, the company involved with the production confirmed as of recent.

The production set in motion has already gained admerable success in the UK as well as America, Russia and Isreal and as a result M Musical have assured a different staging of the musical for Korean audiences. We can only hope the new changes will be all the more exciting and interesting for fans of the story already.

The musical opens for its first night on the 27th August running until the 26th October of this year.


Are you excited to see the new take on Zorro: The Musical?

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