Welcome back to this week’s summery however ironically rather chilly Fun Story OTW! This week it seems like a new viral legacy has begun for the summer of 2014 involving a huge range of celebrities, a warm summer day, a camera and… ice?

It looks like the hilarious exchange of a funny and embarrassing video for charity has been the trend on Instagram, Twitter and many Youtube videos with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Celebrities far a wide and now reaching Korean stars have been nominated and each have up until 24 hours to respond to the nomination and complete the challenge or a forfeit of $100 must be donated to the charity. If completed, the celebrity has a choice in the amount donated and henceforth must also nominate around three other celebrities to complete the challenge.

The charity is being raised for research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a type of motor neurone disease and are also based here in the UK to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association as well as the Macmillian Cancer Support.


So far K-Pop stars, actors, actresses and many others have been nominated and here we’ve compiled a little list of many of the celebrities who have so far participated in the challenge.

Can you name any we missed out?






EXO-K – Suho 


2pm – Taecyeon 



JYJ – Jaejoong 



BTOB – Peneil 


Miss A:




Sistar – Dasom




BEAST – Dongwoon


Eric Nam


4Minute – Sohyun


U-Kiss – Kevin 



Brian Joo 


Girls’ Generation:





Super Junior:



Eunhyuk and Donghae


Leeteuk (Sungmin, Henry, Donghae and Zhoumi above him)


Heechul who did the challenge in the shower first:


Heechul and Kangin





Running Man Cast – Yoo Jae suk, Kim Jong kook, Haha, Lee Kwang-soo



Lee Seunggi



After School – Uee


ZE:A – Dongjun



Amongst many others we were unable to mention, the chain of ice dunked celebrities is growing with G-Dragon being one of the many nominated at the moment, however the star made news recently having donated 81.8 million won to the Lou Gehrig establishment nursing home on his birthday. This incredibly generous gesture touched the heart of many people as well as fans who were touched at the selfless act for charity particularly being on the day of the singer’s birthday.


Let us know which celebrities we’ve missed!

What celebrities would you like to see do the challenge next?


Until next time for another Fun Story OTW!



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