Nothing quite beats when two or more of your favourite artists come together to perform. Collaborations allow for a real mix and match to occur. Sometimes, two artists that you would have never previously put together can surprise with how well they coalesce. Hip hop is often the genre that  includes the most collaborations, but of course, many other genres are open to experimenting to give a song a different feel and another layer.

We have gathered only a few examples of K-Pop collaborations, so be sure to tell us your personal favourites too!

1. DBSK, feat. BoA and TRAX – ‘Tri-Angle’

To kick off this playlist, we are looking back a few years. This song is certainly a mix of genres and may be a little too jarring for some. It samples Mozart’s Symphony 40, including DBSK’s harmonies, BoA belting vocals and TRAX’s heavy rock vibe. Even if this song is a little too mismatched for your tastes, you surely cannot deny that it is a very interesting piece!

2. Tablo feat. Taeyang – ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ Cover

Taeyang‘s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ took the Korean charts by storm when it was released earlier this year. It was also accompanied by a global cover contest in which fans were encouraged to submit their own versions of the song. A few members of the YG Family also created their own covers of the track. This version by Epik High’s Tablo serves almost as an English version. His lyrics are quite vicious and cutting, but communicate a very clear, powerful and somewhat beautiful message. The song is then completed by Taeyang’s sweeter vocals in the last part, which gives fans a snippet of what the original song may have sounded like if there were a real English version.

3. HA:TFELT feat. Beenzino – ‘Bond’

The James Bond franchise is very sexy and chic, and this song would be perfect as a soundtrack to the long-running film series. It is slow and heavy, full of class and sensuality. The ex-Wonder Girls member Yenny has really shined in her solo debut as HA:TFELT. Beenzino’s rap in this song adds a more modern level to this sultry song, bringing it right up to date and arguably making the song a little more engaging to the younger listener.

4. Gary feat. Crush – ‘Shower Later’

This is one of those tracks that is pretty difficult not to move your body along to. Crush’s great vocals coupled with LeSSang Gary’s quite rough rapping makes this song super cool and slick. It has an infectious quality for even those of us who cannot understand Korean. It might have some risqué lyrics and very innuendo-laden MV, but you must have a little sway – go on!

5. G-Dragon feat. Lydia Paek – ‘R.O.D’

This reggae-style track has a real Bonnie and Clyde feel to it as it illustrates a couple willing to do anything for each other. G-Dragons rap gives its typically cool edge, while the catchy chorus ensures that this song maintains an infectious quality. GD and Lydia perfectly complement each other both style-wise and vocally. You really feel that these two could be the star-crossed lovers in a romantic film.

6. Park Boram feat. Zico – ‘BEAUTIFUL’

What better way to add some cool points to your debut – have Block B’s Zico rap in it. Honestly though, this song by Park Boram is still great in itself, with its bouncy and upbeat nature. It’s also nice to see another of the arguably small selection of K-Pop ladies not trying too hard with sexiness or aegyo in their concepts. Zico’s rap breaks up the song well and its nice to hear his distinctive voice within such a sweet song.

7. San E and Raina – ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’

Many rappers utilise the softer vocals of a female artist to give their tracks a little something else. Here we have After School/Orange Caramel’s main vocalist Raina filling in this role. What makes this track quite different is that it is a real collaboration in every sense of the word rather than just an artist adding a quick verse to another’s song. It’s good to hear the two’s voices together in the very chilled track.

8. VIXX feat Okdal – ‘Girls, why?’

Okdal are often described as an ‘indie pop duo’. These girls produce some very sweet and very stripped back sounding music. It is clear to see that they have a lot of talent. In this song, the ever-versatile VIXX also show their softer side. All the vocals slot perfectly together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It is a very soft and relaxing song.

9. Taeyang feat. CL – ‘Love You To Death’

Of course, CL’s natural voice does not feature here, but her part in this song somehow adds a lot of emotion to an already incredibly deep song. This shows how artists can often add their parts to the track in the interest of the song itself rather than for themselves gaining exposure. I think that this is an important part of collaborating that is often overlooked – the music should always come first.

10. Epik High feat. Lee Hi – ‘It’s Cold’

Yes, yet another YG production! Apologies for the bias, but the artists of YG are arguably the least restricted collab-wise in mainstream K-Pop. Lee Hi adds a real beauty to this track with her soft voice. The already painful and forlorn lyrics are multiplied by her melancholic tones.

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