Cover songs can be fairly over-looked in a world where new tracks are being released every day, but covers of old songs do have a unique importance in themselves. A cover can pay homage to a beloved artist, give a new lease of life to a forgotten track or show the versatility of a new performer. An artist can add their own style to a well-known piece of music, or simply try something different without committing to an entirely new concept.

Part of the beauty of covers is that you can potentially despise them wholeheartedly and feel they have butchered a song, or even prefer them to the original. We have gathered a selection of cover songs for this playlist for you to either enjoy or deplore!

1. Teen Top – ‘Honey’ (Original: J. Y. Park)

The boys of Teen Top took the very jazzy ‘Honey’ on in this performance and add in their upbeat electro-pop sound. Neil’s soft vocals ensure that it maintains its original smooth flow, but their super synchronized dance moves and C.A.P’s rapping give it that unmistakable Teen Top flavour. J.Y.P himself seems to be enjoying it the most out of everyone as he looks on like a proud father at a school nativity play. That is clearly all you could want when covering a song, right?

2. GOT7 – Rain Medley

Rain is quite the behemoth of the K-Pop industry, so it is not surprising that rookies GOT7 wanted to pay homage to him through this performance at the 10th M!COUNTDOWN anniversary. It is fair to say that they did their senior proud here, and I’m sure they gained a lot of fans and interest through this stage. They manage to emulate Rain’s confidence and swagger as they perform some of his hit songs – I’m sure Rain was truly honoured by their efforts.

3. Kyuhyun feat. Jungmo – ‘Masquerade’ (Original: Kim Wan Sun)

With Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and TRAX’s Jungmo, this cover was always going to be a powerful one! The track’s original singer – Kim Wan Sun – is often referred to as Korea’s own Madonna. She released ‘Masquerade’ back in the 1990s, but thanks to this cover by these two contemporary entertainers, the song was brought forward in people’s minds once again. While the two versions are quite different, they each reflect their surrounding time very well. It is highly recommended that you also seek out the original version!

4. AlphaBAT – ‘Love in the Ice’ (Original: DBSK)

This song is a real emotional belter that would scare many an artist off, but thankfully, AlphaBAT do a very good job with this cover. The fact that there are more members in this version adds a real depth to the sound, and the guys show that they are all talented vocalists, even in the really tough parts. I can understand why Cassiopeia would be sceptical of any cover matching up to the original, but if you give this one a listen, you will see its merits at the very least.

5. Changmin, Jun K, Jonghyun, Yoseob and Jungmo – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Original: Queen)

Ah, what a selection of vocalists we have here! Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less when such a classic song is covered. This cover will undoubtedly be extra enjoyable for many readers, as the track marks such a poignant time within British music history. Jungmo is here once more, but this time to take on that iconic Brian May solo, and each of the guys really gives there all for this performance. Am I the only one that finds that the dancers on stage don’t go with the feel of the song and are quite infuriating though?!

6. Akdong Musician – ‘One of a Kind’ (Original: G-dragon)

AkMu covering G-Dragon? Not a combination that springs straight to mind one would think, but the sweet sibling duo take the very essence of the track and make it fit around them. It is not so in-your-face, but still carries some of that cheeky attitude that GD is known for. Here is their cover of the song while competing in season 2 of the SBS programme ‘K-Pop Star’. YG seems to like it, and just why is JYP sitting there wearing headphones is anybody’s guess.

7. B.A.P – ‘Candy’ (Original: H.O.T)

It is quite odd, but also really nice to see B.A.P cover such a sugary sweet (pun intended) song by first generation idol group H.O.T. It’s only when watching and listening that you realise how well they actually do it. A great cover in both sound and choreography and very enjoyable to those who are fans of both groups.

8. 2NE1 and Lee Hi – ‘1,2,3,4’ and ‘I Love You’

Covers can also be a way of showing support to fellow label mates as shown here in this special YG stage. 2NE1 give ‘1,2,3,4’ an injection of their typically confident attitude and Lee Hi gives ‘I Love You’ her smooth, yet jazzy vibes during the first part of this video.

9. Timber – ‘Overdose’ (Original: EXO)

This particular cover has the potential to split listeners right down the middle. Timber, a male vocalist trio, gave us a ballad version (courtesy of member Daebin) of the originally very hyped-up song. The track is almost unrecognisable until you hear that infectious chorus. I’m sure I’m not the only one who never thought ‘Overdose’ could be so relaxing!

10. Lim Chang Jung/Wonderboyz – ‘Open the Door’

These next two videos are not covers per se, just two versions of the same song that were originally intended to be released at the same time (apparently Lim Chang Jung’s acting commitments meant this could not happen). However, I think these songs are great examples of how two very different artists can take one song two very different ways. Wonderboyz show us a more cool and modern version full of rap verses, whereas Lim Chang Jung gives us an old-fashioned, trot-inspired song that showcases his great vocal talent. Either way, these tracks will surely get you dancing!

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