Welcome to Replay. Each month members of the UnitedKpop team will share their most replayed tracks of the month. Here are our picks for October.


Primary – Johnny ~ it’s cool and had a laid back autumnal feel. I guess it is soothing, too. although it’s slow, it’s super catchy and I can’t get the chorus out of my head! Red Velvet’s Be Natural, also for all the same reasons.


I’m really liking Yoo Jae Suk’s parody version of Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, LipsI prefer it to the original I think. The tone is a little deeper, which is something I often prefer. Plus, the video is so on point, even down to the dance moves!


SEOTAIJI’s Christmalo.win is wonderfully addictive. It stands out from all the current releases because of SEOTAIJI’s unique blend of genres.
My other love has been Wind from g.o.d’s Chapter 8 Thanks repackage, as a long time g.o.d fan its a perfect addition to their lengthy discography.


For me it’ll have to be Group S’s Without You. It’s sort of taken over just within a week! I’ve been looking for a good song to play now that Autumn is here and the weather is getting colder. It’s perfect to listen to while working on my essays with a cup of hot chocolate.

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However, if you want something older, I’ve just discovered History, and their latest song Psycho has been played quite a lot with me. It’s something about that tune and song that makes me play it over and over, and the MV is just the right kind of creepy for Halloween!


For me, Epik High’s Spoiler, because Tablo’s voice sounds really soothing, and I love the piano.

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I’ve been addicted to random Brown Eyed Girls songs such as Kill Bill which has been playing on my mind for weeks now simply because of how catchy it is. Its beat is funky and has a mysterious allure to it which makes the song (as well as their voices) rather seductive. Plus, BEG have rather classy but sexy concepts without putting themselves too far that its too much or trashy. Plus most of them are in they’re in their 30s and they’re still as awesome and slaying all their fanboys hearts as always!


I’ve been listening to older songs from a few years back lately but if we’re talking about newer releases then it would have to be VIXX’s Error. The MV’s story was a bit depressing but the song is sung so well and hits my angst buttons a little.

We’d love to hear what you think of our picks, and which tracks you’ve had on replay too.  


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