MV Monday today looks at the debut of British Korean soloist, Shannon. Her first release comes in the form of Daybreak Rain, and has two mvs to accompany it. 

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When teasing for her release her company stated her debut would combine ballad music with urban dance performance, with an impressive musical arrangement.

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Set in a parking lot, both mvs are almost identical. The first, in colour shows off Shannon’s dance, with the subdued background making her stand out well in her red suit.

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The second, in black and white, is edited in a slightly different order, though keeps the same content. The dark grey colour scheme adds a more melancholy feeling to the track, with the extended rain sound setting the scene perfectly.


Shannon’s debut is sitting steady in the top third of the MelOn realtime Top 100, a strong entry against competition such as Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghwamun, Epik High’s Shoebox, and Beast’s 12:30.

Shannon will definitely be an artist to keep watching!


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