This week’s fan talent is JREKML!

JREKML is a YouTube channel started by two k-pop fans who go by the names of Jre and KML. The channel features videos which can fulfil every k-pop fans’ needs.

The channel is broken down into vlogsKorean snack experiences, Kpop games, Kpop laughs and much, much more. Despite all this, the channel gains a lot of new viewers through Jre’s reaction videos. If you’re a fan of k-pop reaction videos, then chances are you’ve come across Jre’s! He’s well known for being a huge fanboy, and in his videos you’ll see him go crazy over the new releases! Check out his reaction to SONAMOO‘s debut mv – Deja Vu.

The channel also hold giveaways and competitions so you can get your hands on the latest album or merch, all you have to do is subscribe to JREKML on YouTube and follow their individual Twitter and Facebook accounts so you don’t miss the next one!






What’s your favourite segment from their channel? Let us know in the comments below!


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