We’ve brought back our K-pop charts, but in a new and improved way! Before, we had our charts calculated on the UK online and local purchases of K-pop music, but whilst this was a good indication of who sells here, it wasn’t a true indication of who is really popular – not everyone can afford to buy physical albums.

For the past week you’ve been voting for your Top 10 based on the latest releases (Dec 11-Jan 11).  The first week of our chart is wonderfully diverse, with entries from soloists, girl groups, boy groups, and hip hop big hitters.

Taking a place on our chart are rookie’s Sonamoo, a group featured in our Fanbase of the Week post.

Rapper Outsider has been making the news the world around this week with talk of his speed rapping possibly being the fastest delivery of syllables in the world, his return to music also takes a place in our first chart.

Fan power is certainly clear as we near the top of our charts with EXO securing an impressive spot on the list. Members of the SMTown group recently spent time in London filming for One Fine Day.

Here is the Official UKP K-POP Chart:

Did you vote for anyone in the UKP K-Pop Chart? What do you think of our new style chart?

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