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Following up from last week’s word ‘to drink‘, this week’s word is ‘먹다‘ (Meok-da), To Eat! Check out the video above for the verb’s basics, and if you’re just learning Hangul, click the Romanisation tab above! We’ll be covering more tenses and conjugation in a future edition.

Each week we’ll be giving you the basics on a new word in video format for your convenience.

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먹어() (present) – Meok-eo-(yo)

먹었어() (past) – Meo-geoss-eo-(yo)



먹어습니다 (present) – Meo-geo-seum-ni-da

먹었습니다 (past) – Meo-geoss-seum-ni-da

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먹었습니다! – I ate well (thanks for the food)*
jal meo-geoss-seum-ni-da!



피자 먹어요. – I am eating pizza.
pi-ja meok-eo-yo



먹었어요? – Did you eat?/Have you eaten?



아이스크림 먹고 싶어… – I want to eat Ice Cream…
a-i-su-keu-rim meok-go ship-eo


*You can also say 잘 먹겠습니다 (jal meo-gess-seum-ni-da), which is more common.

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