Now I know this song has been covered by MV Monday – but as a 4nia and an avid fan of this song, it had to be done!

The song
After seeing the teaser, I knew to expect something sassy and sexy from 4minute. The rapping was skillfull and came across strong in this song. Gayoon’s softer singing balanced it out and the whole song felt evenly matched and nicely put together. 4Minute have shown that they can adapt to any kind of pace, demosntrated by their ability to make a variety of musical tricks. The beat of the song was also very catchy I found – familiar but very catchy. It’s different from their usual in-your-face attitude, there’s a new mature, sexy twist to it – and its not a bad thing.

The video

The monochrome colours of this video accompanied with flashes on neon-style colour are simple, but they accentuate 4Minute and keep the viewer’s attention focused mainly on the girls and the song itself. While I felt that Hyuna and Jiyoon had more screen time, all the girls stunned during their indivudal time in the video. I feel that Jihyun in particular really shone and looked good during her part. The dancing is pretty ordinary but again, serves to only (in my view) put more focus on the girls and the song.


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