I know this isn’t a recent song, but I’ve been quite intrigued by G-Friend for quite some time – so I decided to have a listen to Glass Bead, and it was all that bad.

The song
The first thing that struck me upon hearing this song was the ‘freshness’ of it. For me, it wasn’t overly sweet and sugary; instead I heard strong, clear voices that could hold their own, kind of different to what I’d been listening to lately. The lyrics of the song are kind of typical to most girl group debut songs; talking about love and how she will be the one to comfort you and won’t break etc. Which is slightly disappointing as you could hope that maybe girl groups would come up with something a little more original. However, it’s still a very good song vocal wise.

The video
The high school setting seems to be a running trend with recently debuting girl groups. First Lovelyz with ‘Candy Jelly Love’ and the G-Friend. While there is nothing wrong with this being used, you would again think that maybe they would stay away from the typical backgrounds – including schools – for a debut. I can also see little relevance to the actual lyrics themselves. The video itself is nice, you get a feel for each member and also appreciate the ‘freshness’ of the track – as pointed out above.

My main whine about ‘Glass Bead’ is the typicality and and slight lack of originality about it. However, I do eagerly await the next offering from G-Friend.


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