A while ago, U-Kiss released their latest EP always – and it was real hit with fans! So for this week, it’s a review of a song from the EP, ‘ Playground’

The Song
This song had a different feel to it compared to most of their previous tracks. I felt that there was slightly less emphasis on the main vocals in the song – probably helped by the soft singing and the fact that Jun and Eli had equally spread out rap parts – it wasn’t just one long part. It was a really nice touch to hear both Jun’s singing and his rapping. The pain of breaking up is also expressed very well in this song.

The Video
For me, the video reflected a softer side of U-KISS. Casual yet stylish clothes along with airy lighting and peeled doors gave off a chill and sensitive vibe. The concept is lighter compared to previous videos – and it’s a refreshing change from their notorious ‘Quit Playing’ track. Apart from minor wardrobe no-no’s (like the black suits), the boys do this video justice. The choreography is simple yet striking fitting their fresh style.


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